Friday, January 21, 2011

FHE Hot Springs

FHE (Family Home Evening) was spent at the Roystone Hot-springs out in Sweet Idaho (About 45min. out of Boise towards Bogus Basin). A couple in our Ward Parent's own it. They have a large projector next to the 12 man hot tub. There is also a large swimming pool where all the spring water runs and and fills it up. It even has a nice cover over it and a basketball hoop! We, they and two other couples went out there, ate some pizza and had an enjoyable time. We played a lot of B-ball too. It was rougher than I expected, but it was great fun!
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray
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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Friday, January 14th
The Institute had an Ice-Skating night to kick off the new semester of classes. We and at least 5 other married couples from our ward there. We all decided to eat the nachos provided and as we sat down to eat we looked into the rink to notice that the few people that had started off the event, had now turned into MANY! It literally looks like cattle going in a slow moving circle. I don't see how it could have been enjoyable at that point due to the large amount of people there.The skates provided weren't sharp at all, so the skating itself was mediocre, but I still had fun. James and Dustin Skated off together into the florescent lighting sunset,
and I saw him from time to time. I chatted here and there with members from the ward as well. He pushed me around the rink a few times as well. Placing his hands on my waist as I stood still, hoping that my skate wouldn't catch and fall to my utter destruction. Afterwards we had some people over to watch "Dinner for Schmucks." A movie that everyone had raved about. We ended up skipping scenes and still found it raunchy and dis-tasteful. The end was the only funny part, and even then it wasn't worth it. I give it two thumbs down, and recommend you do not see it.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cancun Day Five & Departure:

Trip Dates: January 2nd - January 9th, 2011
Friday, Day Five:
Mini-Golf was dleightful. There were some interesting holes. But, the funniest part was most likely when we ran into, yet another camielion thing and Steve started to caress it's neck with his putter. The thing was actually enjoying it! The second time he started to do it, I think it was like, "Oh right, ..." And ran off super quick. It startled me.
I went snorkeling again, with Allison, but mostly just by myself since Allison was a little Claustrophobic I think from the goggles. It was nice. This time, instead of going all over the place as I had with James, I stayed at the Dock where the large school of fish lingered. They were swimming all around me. It was amazing. And surprisingly, I wasn't afraid they were going to eat me! They kept in a school as I had seen on T.V. shows before and I videoed them. Overall, I LOVED IT!
I Did go off at one point to capture pictures of the more colorful fish and I ended up catching a few really good shots!
In the Morning, before the sun became scolding hot, James and I went over to the Pitch and Put. The grass wasn’t the highest quality I had ever see, but they did keep it nicely cut. The green def. needed to be cut, it was a VERY slow green, and the grass in the rough was Crab-grass, but I didn’t mind the Rough as much as I did the green, but I have issues with good quality on a golf course because I used to work on one. It was fun, and I had pretty good accuracy pitching, but I’ve always been pretty good at that (The pitching part at least). James and I decided to head out to the beach after that.

The Speedo

James Buried his feet in the sand and this is our new height difference.

Painted yet again. This time this little dude is almost finished!

Splish Splash

Our Mast FELL!!! I was so afraid it was going to fall on my head, Luckily no-one was hurt. And some Canadian's from Quebec came and saved us on their Catamaran. We threw them a line and they brought us closer to shore. They were so awesome. We had to pull ourselves all the way in after that. It was silly how the rental people never even attempted to help us. They were too busy with another Catamaran whose mast also fell, and a jet ski that ran out of gas. It was a crazy day for renters.

The Wire that fell off our mast and landed between us. The funny thing was, that this line wasn't even the line being used at the time. Once we turned around , since this wire was missing, the entire mast fell over because it had no support. That's what happens when you use cheap metal.

Beach V-Ball, This is how James Served, He was good!

We and the Liberty Security Peeps played beach Volleyball a few times during the trip. James did awesome, and everyone had a lot of fun. Other people at the resort would join us sometimes.

Giant Chess

Seafood Night!

It may look small, but this Salmon was bigger than both my fists.

JUMBO Prawns! They Were Huge!

This is the Morning of Our Departure. Goodbye Cancun!

Our Buffet at the 'Tropical"

We saw Mexican's in the Back of a garbage Truck (w/Machetes) on our way to the airport.

Love Always,

Mrs. Fray Fray

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cancun Day Four:

Thurs Day 4: Snorkeling for the First Time EVER was nice. It was like you could just sit there and float, look around and still breathe All at the same time! It was really fun. I hope to be able to do it again one day in an area that has more variety in colors and fish. Like a secluded spot in Hawaii or something where not a lot of tourists go. Then the coral would be more nice I think because of less people traffic.
We ended up seeing a STING RAY!!! It was so awesome! I was thinking to myself, "How could I see a Sting Ray?" Then it hit me, "Sting rays bury themselves in the sand." So I left the Coral part and floated over the sand, and it wasn't too long after that we saw one! I Even got it on Video Tape! Lucky Us! Heavenly Father is so good to us. I startled James at one point and didn't realize that I had gotten it on Video till later. He startled me too. We're Giant fish to each other under the water.

James and I took out a double Kayak after that. This Kayak was nice because James could actually use it! Other ones (Where there is a top, and a sitting hole) he hasn't been able to use because he's top heavy. It was fun to take it out on the water and see the pretty blues of the Ocean. (The Kayak was one of the many things to rent for free each day).

A couple that traveled from Salt Lake with us and got rooms below us. They were married 4 days later on the beach and we got to see it! Her Dress was so Beautiful! Flowers down the entire left side. They were a Super Cute couple.
We went with Allison & Steve out on the Catamaran. It was like the Catamaran's on "Water World!" Well, ... not really. But the water did come up through the bottom of it! My Uncle's is all wood on the bottom, so it was neat to have warm water spilling over the sides. I really loved having my feet water ski in the front of the Boat. And James got the boat going pretty fast at some points! Every day was a great day for another boat ride! Too bad we could only have it for an hour each day.

We decided to head into the “city” that night. Also known as Playa De Carmen, to do a little bartering and see if there was anything there that we might Actually like. It was interesting seeing how bartering worked. The second you start to walk away they are all of a sudden ready to give you the price you were asking for, but since we weren’t really interested in buying James would just be like, “It’s too late.” We did end up purchasing One item, but it was a high quality item, and when I say high quality I mean “high quality” for Mexico. If there is such a thing. We got a cotton Hammock for $20. Maybe we could have gotten a better price, but from all the places we went, that was the best we had seen, later we found a guy who Started AT $25, but I don’t think Mexican’s have a return policy.

Love Always,

Mrs. Fray Fray