Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So sorry that I have been un-able to keep up on "The Blog," But I have been working like crazy the past two weeks! Thank Goodness, for the work that is. There will eventually be two more September posts for sure though, whenever I get all of the Rugby Photos from the past two games uploaded. The Videos from those games will most likely be much longer to upload than previously hoped, but sometimes life gets busy and some things have more priority over "The Blog." I Love Blogging, but it's a hobby, not a career.

God, Husband, Work, GBTV, Finances, Cleaning and Reading have all been beating the blog on my priority list lately, but I hope I can at least tackle the cleaning and finances this weekend so that I can move on and take my big relief sigh when I finish them. Or ... get caught up on them is what I really mean. Because really, they're never "Finished." (Sometimes I wish they were though).

James goes to Moscow this Weekend for Rugby. I can't go but I hope he does great! I have prior engagements, so it stinks that I have to miss these games but you can't do it all sometimes. I need to get some shut-eye before work tomorrow. Thank Goodness it's Thursday! Because after Thursday comes FRIDAY! Which means it's the Freakin Weekend. Cheers to that!
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Monday, September 19, 2011


FINALLY! It only took me over a freakin year, but I FINALLY found a job in Boise! Well, if you call being a Temp a "job," then yes I did! I have work for a week! WHoo HOO! And, then we shall see what happens to me after that. But the way I see it, any work is WORK. Sometimes you have to take what you can get, even if it's only for a week. That's where Faith comes in to help you make it until you're next line of work appears. Remember; God Will Provide.

BUT, on an even more exciting note, I Drove ALL the way to work and back All by Myself, wait for it ... Driving STANDARD! "What!? You drove standard Angela!? That's crazy talk!" Oh yes I did my fine fellow, but not only did I drive Standard, I did it completely Alone (That is if you don't count those Angels that may have helped me drive, and not die!).

Anyways, it is a big day in the world of Angela. Work, Driving, Eating dinner. Yup. Pretty Momentous. I think I will celebrate by Reading some more of my Book, "Franklin; The Essential Founding Father." By James Srodes. Yup. That is how I roll.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

P.S. James and I have been married for 1,138 days. How many days have we known each other for? On What Day did he kiss me for the first time!? Ahhh Crazy!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ANTM Cyle 17

In Commemoration of The New "All Star" Season on ANTM premier tonight I have decided to Put My 5 Best (Or just recent) "Model"Poses on here. Or, ... using an excuse to join the Self Portrait Club once again (Because I think I have done this once before, Have I not?). I'm Probably doing this because:
1. I like to take photos of myself, And I NEVER post a bunch of Self portraits of myself on facebook because I think people who do that look like idiots and
2. Because I'll never be a model except for my own family, but that's OK with me, I watched a documentary on Real Modeling once and ANTM makes modeling seem WAY more glamorous than it actually is.
Being a model is Tough! They sometimes don't get enough sleep or food running from shoots to runways, and there is a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that are FAR from glamorous. But most girls get in, get paid (Big Checks!) And move on with their lives. Where else do you get a $90,000 paycheck for only two weeks of work!? I would do it for a little bit if I wasn't a foot too short. Actually, I wouldn't. But, I like to believe I would.
Ok, So maybe it was More than 5. I guess there's no end to my vanity ;)
Mustache Club, here I come!
Duh Huh HuuuHhhh...
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Monday, September 12, 2011

Keeping Score in Relationships

This guy is so funny! Look up his other skits on "YouTube."
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boise River: Labor Day Weekend

For our Labor Day we spent it floating down the Boise River. This time, the sun was out and it was gloriously warm! We invited the entire Rugby team over for pancakes in the morning and then everyone was supposed to hit the River around 1 o'clock or so, but for some reason everyone that raised their hands at practice never showed! So, in the end it was James and I with Nick, Shakey, John, Shawn with Shawn's Buddy Ryan, Sister and Dad. It was still an awesome day! It might have even been better because there weren't that many of us. That way it gave us each more time on the rope swing and the jumping pad.
Shakey, John, James & Nick
The guys were doing flips off the jumping pad like crazy, some with not so elegant landings. It was interesting to watch though. I tried to get as many jumps recorded as possible, but it always seems like when your camera is off is when the funniest things happen. (With belly flops and such). At one point on the River Shaky jumped clear out of his boat, attempting to get into the other boat and land smack on his stomach. It was the funniest thing ever! I would show you, but... my camera was not ON! O'Well, it was still the funniest thing ever.
Shakey is from (literally) the Ghetto of Atlanta Georgia, "Decatur". Anyways, he had never done anything like this before. (People don't float down the river in Atlanta). So he had a really great time. He and all the other dudes would splash people they had never met, but everyone on the river had similar attitudes. Everyone on the River just acted like they knew everyone. It made for a fun day, with no worries. As Bob Marley would say, "Don't worry, about a thing. Cuz every little thing, is gonna be alright."
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BSU vs Georgia

Our Family is all big BSU fans! We have been since ... well, the crack of time probably. But on Game Nights, it's sort of tradition to all gather at my Grandparent's house. Even My Grandpa's Brother and his Wife come. Watching BSU Football Games is kind of a big deal. If you're not watching it live on the Blue Turf, you better be watching it at home. But if it IS a Home game, there needs to be a good reason you didn't see it live in the first place.The season starter this year was BSU vs the Georgia Bulldogs! There was a lot of Hype building to this game. Mostly because Georgia is in the SEC and all the SEC Conference thinks that they are the "Elite" of Football, and that every other conference is a joke in comparison. Plus, Georgia is a pretty good team. Most people in Boise were just excited to see a "good" game between the two schools. Still hoping though that BSU would win. Which, ... it DID! I think that Georgia still has a good team, but BSU definitely out played them.
Before the game began James and I played outside with the kiddos for a bit. Here's a little Clip of My Brother's Daughter and Son. Enjoy!
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray