Friday, July 17, 2009

Golf !!!

Golfing was actually the same day of the "River Sunny Day" post! It was just later in the evening. I get free gold and then my parents and Husband get it discounted, so it's well worth going! Plus our golf course is in Excellent condition. It is actually the best it's looked in 10 YEARS! According to the Vice Pres. So, it's an Awesome compliment to us maintenance crew workers, who are the ones who make the course look as good as it does.
Our Evening Golf together as a Family was very Fun! I was hitting pretty well (I go to the Driving Range A LOT) and so was James and Pacha. Mom was a little tired already from the days events so she wasn't at the top of her game, but she wasn't doing horrible I think. I think that she thought that she was though.
Anyways, so Dad and James had a turning point during the game. We were a little over halfway done with the game (hole#7) when Dad was driving and ran over James' Ball! Mom was like, "You Ran over his ball!" Then he chuckled, and she said, "You did it on purpose!?" and then he chuckled even more ha ha. So from that point it was on. The next tee off (#8) James and I stole the key from their kart and when they couldn't start it we drove by laughing dangling their key out of the Kart. Then James and Dad tried knocking each others balls into the sand trap. Then at the next hole (#9) James was teeing off and Dad took his club and ran it up his leg to mess him up. (They giggled a lot) Dad and mom then offered me a ride and then (Un-purposefully) drove off. Then James tried to run over mom's ball but it was just knocked out of the way, so he turned and tried it again but it rolled away without being pounded into the ground. They kept on laughing and joking and it was really fun overall. Boys are silly like that sometimes. (Or all the time)*
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray
P.S. We went next to some geese (@ #6) and they were hissing at mom and she scolded them. It would hiss when she wasn't looking and then she turn and it would be like DOo Do Doo. Oh geese....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sunny River Day

Today at work the owner, Mrs. D'ARCY, had her own tournament (She's 84yrs. old). 11:00 our bosses gave us free pizza, sent us home early and PAID US as if we had left at 1:30! (That's when our day ends) :) YAY!!! I was super excited about that! So what was I going to do with that extra time I had off? Hmmm....On a hot day? I decided that I wanted to go to the river. But whom with? So...I called Sarah (My sister-in-law) and we took her three children and Zoe to the river. Jackson is too young to swim (or walk for that matter) so he sat in his little baby carriage for most of the time.
But Liam, Kylee and Zoe were all set and ready to SWIM! None of them actually know HOW to swim quite yet, but they sure loved playing in the water! Once the inflatable shark was good to go we held it next to the shore (both Sarah and I) and ALL the kids jumped on it!
They ALL wanted a turn, but...they ended up all toppling in the water (which was not quite a foot deep). Liam stood up, so he was fine, but I grabbed Zoe (2yrs) because Liam had landed ON her. Then Kylee went floating away up her face went and under and up and under, it all happened pretty fast but Sarah got her and toppled in herself while attempting to rescue her and then once she had her had trouble standing up ha ha it was kinda finny. I know it sounds horrible but ... there was really nothing you could do but Laugh at the entire situation, it was ridiculous and funny All at once! Sarah laughed too, and was REALLY glad no one saw that ha ha. But...I guess it doesn't really matter now that I've told all of you about it ha ha!
BESIDES THAT, it was an overall enjoyable time. Only ONE child on the shark at a time was the rule after that mini incident and no-one was aloud to walk in the water deeper than their belly button. If we couldn't see it they were too far! Liam kept testing the boundaries, but he never got the chance to cover his button.

Sarah's first attempt to ride the shark didn't go so well. She sat and BLOOP she was in the river yet again!!!
It was quite humerus, I was just disappointed I didn't video tape it! I called for one of the kids to grab my camera, but they were too busy with their food, and By the time I got it out, she had gotten out of the water (as in she was no longer sitting in it). The day died down and we put all the kids down for their naps, and we plan on another river adventure but...without the kids. An adult day to float the river.

Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Monday, July 13, 2009

HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! (July 1st) And What better way to Celebrate Canada Day than with a Gun! (O.k. I KNOW that I’ve Totally done ALL of my last 3 posts completely out of order, but that’s O.k. Their in Order backwards...sort of?, so…it works). SO, I worked, as usual, on Canada Day, but what happened AFTER work is what REALLY matters, right?! James and I went over to his boss’ house (Justin) to do some Shooting! :) James attempted first and wasn't really getting all that much. He got a little frustrated.

But then It was my turn (ten shots a time) and with my True ALASKAN Self I totally rocked it up! I hit almost every time! For like my first round. The first thing I went for was the milk jug, and since everything was filled with H2O, I hit the Jug and WHOOSH! the back had totally blown out and ALL the water drained! It was cool! But after that I went for the water bottles and I hit those and they started to drain as well :) In my second round of firing I missed probably about twice (twice each round) so that's 8/10 That's a score of 80% ! ! ! It was awesome. I kept hitting the same spot and then I would switch to a new target and hit that same target! I felt SO good! and proud! If I hadn't rocked it up I would have given ALASKANS a bad NAME! and I couldn't fail my little country.

I feel good to know that I'm a natural at shooting. I did great while I was in Alaska but to do even better then next time round like 5 to 6 years later was AWESOME! James did better his next time round and hit the bottles more. It was great fun! I hope we can go shooting again sometime. Justin would use ANY excuse to get to play with his gun.

Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray