Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Floating Down the Boise River

James and I Floated down the Boise River for the first time on August 27th! We had a wedding reception to catch late that afternoon that we were a little late for, but it was no big deal. Sometimes it doesn't matter when you show up to those things, just as long as you eventually show up.
Floating the River was so fun! We have been waiting to be able to enjoy summer, ALL summer! Newfoundland was so Wet and Foggy this year that coming to Boise has been a relief! Boise has DRY heat, emphasis on the "Dry." And the temperatures have been in the 90's or higher. Sooo NICE! The day we floated down the River though just happened to be Overcast, And a little cool. But that didn't dampen our spirit's. We still had a great time with all our friends.
We brought a little boat (for James and I) and we had Carrie & Reed use our sofa air mattress to float on. What is great about the launching area is that it has little hoses with good air pressure to fill up your flotation devices quickly! I was super excited when I saw those! It took way less time to prep for our adventure than I thought it would be.
Carrie & Reed's air mattress turned out to be a way better way to go than the boats. 1. It doesn't retain water (making for no stops along the way to dump the water out). 2. It stays on top of the rapids (So no bum skidding across the rocks). 3. Way more space to lay out with your Spouse down the river (No accidental kicking).
There was 7 of us in total. All couples from our ward, with one wife M.I.A. but we all had a great day. James and Dustin duked it out trying to deflated one another's boats. James winning in the end because I strategically placed my body over the plugs on our boat, and Dustin was a lone wolf. Had his wife been there, things may have turned out quite differently. Also there were some dumpings and attempts to splash/fill other's boats with water. All in all, a water war, couples against couples. Dustin against all. By the end my feet were getting pretty cold, but we got out just in time for them to not get frostbite lol. Floating down the Boise River does take a few hours, so if you plan to JUST float plan on a min. of 2 and if you want to stop & jump or rope swing plan on 4 ish.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray
Will Attach Video Soon

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cheryl's First Home

Cheryl & Bob have purchased their first home! How exciting! They will move in this September and you all get a virtual tour of thier new home before the big move. Thier new home is a three bedroom two & a Half Bath with a basement that they are hoping to partially finish as soon as possible for renting.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Niagara Falls

On our way back to school, James and I stopped at about half way in London to see Cheryl & Bob. But, before we went there for the night we stopped at Niagara Falls to do a mini sight seeing day! We only stopped there for about an hour or so because we needed to head out to London for Dinner that night. I would have liked to stay a little longer, but you can't always get what you want.
We got a chance to see Nick Brideau before the Falls. He served his mission in Alberta and we did the potato shooting with him and Elder Miller LAST summer! He's done with the mission now and is back home in Ontario. We just chilled in his back yard and talked for a bit before we headed on our way. He is so awesome, hopefully we will get to see him again soon.
The Falls were Huge! By far the largest out of all the falls we've seen this summer. I'm so glad we had the opportunity to stop there. This was James' first time there, and My second. And I have to say, the Canadian side totally trumps the American side. If you ever visit, just go to the Canadian side, it's cleaner and you getter a WAY better view of the falls. CTV news was at the falls with us because the day before two people died and one man was injured severely. A girl from Japan was studying in Toronto and came to Niagara for some sight seeing and decided to go over the barier to take a picture. It was wet out, she was holding an umbrella, lost her footing and fell into the river. She was then swept over the falls. While searching for her body they found an unidentified male in the whirl pool and had no idea how long the man had actually been swirling around there. The last man just fell about half way off the falls and was hurt on some rocks below. Moral of these stories; Don't be a stupid Tourist.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Friday, August 12, 2011

Leaving Newfoundland

I kinda wanted to call this post, "The Long Drive Home," for good reason, but then I decided that I would never be able to figure out where it was in my blog posts in case I ever wanted to find it quickly and efficiently. So, it is what it is.
The Moon was so Bright on our drive to the Ferry. James had a hard time seeing. It was like someone had their brights on in his side view mirrors.
My hair was sexy hot from a Full day of work, 5 hour Drive & then the 6 hour Ferry Ride with attempts to fall asleep in an airplane-like chair. (And that was just the trip to get off the island! We had a long way still to go).
James and I say goodbye to Newfoundland Officially Sunday Morning at 4am. That is when our Ferry leaves the Island. Some things I will miss are:

1. The way Newfy's talk; Accents, Vocabulary, the way they say 'Yes' While in-haling lol
2. The Awesome Night Life here; Pub's, Folk Music, Etc. AND I thought that it was SO awesome how everyone was in a band! Well, not literally, but most Newfy's play in a band and play in local pubs or at the George Street Festival or other festivals around the province.

3. Scenery; BEAUTIFUL Scenery! I'm just sad we had to hit it on the worst summer they've ever had. But even then the sights were great!
4. The People; in general. They are some of the most friendly people I have ever met! I think it's because they have their priorities straight. They Love God and Family First. Everything else just falls into place after that. They're all awesome like that.

5. The Wildflowers; scattered everywhere! Need I say more?
Our car got the top deck this time! Making for a quick escape from the boat once docked. That way we don't get stuck on the two lane highway behind a ton of Semi's!It was a great ride while it lasted. And the drive back is the next adventure in our little fairytale. I'm so glad we get to take a Ferry! (I think it's cool at least! I mean ... How many people get to drive their cars onto a boat and float back to mainland!? Not that many. Unless you're from a place like that, but even then ... most people don't do it. They probably have a lack of adventure in them. Or severe health problems lol).
Back in the car after the Ferry Ride. Here, Wweeee GOo!
The Simpson's aren't American at all! They live in Nova Scotia!
I hope we can return one day and perhaps do that hike I was wanting to do. Ya know, the two day one where you bush wack and have to take a map and compass!? Yeah, that one. I think it would be a great place to return too and camp a little and see some icebergs this time, AND go see the place where the Vikings landed!
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray
Video Will Eventually be posted.

Monday, August 8, 2011

GROS MORNE Mountain Anniversary!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US!!! 3 YEARS NOW!!! For our anniversary I was hoping to go to Twillingate to see some Icebergs! (It's apart of Iceberg Alley don't cha know). But, when we phoned, they said there was only one there at the time, and since there was only one I didn't think the 2 hour or so drive there would be worth it. PLUS we'd probably have to pay $50 per person for a boat ride just to get a good look at it. So ... no Twillingate. But, I did really REALLY want to go see Gros Morne National Park before James and I left Newfoundland. I just don't think I would have felt like we had truly experienced Newfoundland without a visit there. Truthfully, I wouldn't have felt complete.
Once we had determined that we would not be going to Twillingate our Conversation went something like this:
J - I'd like to stay home and Relax today.
A - Let's go to Gros Morne National Park. It's so Pretty.
J's Thoughts - Crap!

A - Let's go on a little hike.
J's Thoughts - Crap!

16K and One mountain later ... =]
Climbing that Mountain was so refreashing and fun! It was a nice workout for me. AND it only took us 5 hours and 15 min! Most people it takes between 6 - 8 hours to complete. But we booked it pretty good, espcially since we didn't start the hike till 2:45 (We mostly hurried because we were afraid to get caught in the dark). People on the trail kept telling us to turn back, but we didn't and we still made it!
The larger text spread throughout this post is part of a talk I gave in Sacrament meeting after we returned to Boise. It was based on trials in our lives and the link below is the General Conference talk I used throughout the talk. MY Story of Gros Morne Mountain was intertwined in this talk. (More than Conquerors though him that loved us - 2011).
This summer James and I hiked Gros Morne Mountain in Gros Morne National Park for our three year anniversary. It is a 16K hike or 10 miles. Roughly taking people between 6 to 8 hours to complete because of the rough terrain and steepness of the mountain side. After the first 4k James and I made it to the base of the steepest part of the mountain where you were then required to hike straight up for 1k up a very large rock slide. It wasn’t so bad at first, at least for me it wasn’t. And soon we reached near the top. Or, at least, what we thought was the top. Little did we know at that time that, that first “top” we saw was not quite half way. So we traveled again and then we saw the top for reals this time. Well, that wasn’t the top either, but then we really DID see the top. Yet again, not the top. That happened to us at least 8 times. By that point we stopped guessing where the top was until we actually saw the sign that sits on top of the mountain telling you how high up you are, which was a climb that started from sea level.The climb became more and more difficult as we reached the actual top of the mountain. And when you thought you finally wouldn’t have to climb any longer you found that not only did have to climb farther but it would also be steeper. At one point You had to use both hands and feet to climb straight up a dirt path. But it wasn’t really a path as much as a mini cliff. I didn’t realize till after I climbed it that James went around it on an easier path near it’s side.
Climbing this mountain has similarities to the trials we face in our lives. You think that the trial must be over now, I mean you’ve learned what God wanted you to learn right? But it takes you at least eight times to think it’s finally over Until you stop guessing and just decide to keep going until it ends. There will be points where you still have to climb, but you make the choice of climbing this particular section straight up or on the easier path to the one side. But Either way, you still have to climb.
They had many little reflectors everywhere on top of the mountain to help hikers from getting disoriented and lost in the Fog. Apparently the Mountain can get Very Foggy, which I wouldn't doubt, it being in Newfoundland and all.
FINALLY! We Reached the Top!
"The Views can't get better than this!" Is what I kept thinking, and then I would turn a corner and they would get better.
Being on top of a Mountain is a Great Feeling! Especially When there are high chances of Leprechaun Sightings!
Taking a Moment to Dance on the 175 Step Staircase!
Some campers taking an evening Dip.
James is so Awesome! Thanks for agreeing to do this Hike with me Baby!
Once you reach the top of Gros Morne mountain you’d think that you be able to walk straight back down the mountain the way you came up, making for an easy retreat. This is not the case. You are actually not allowed to walk back down the way you came to prevent rockslides from occurring. You have to walk all the way to the back of the mountain and THEN down and around. Which brings you back to the base of the rockslide where you then follow the 4k path you came on it get to the steep base. The top of the mountain had so many beautiful views and breathtaking moments.
What all the Rock Slides looked like. Newfoundland is known as "The Rock," for good reason.
The Ultimate Latrine! Enjoy nature, or Sunbathe While ya Poop!
Meditation & Prayer on a Mountian is what Prophets of Old used to do, And God would always Reply on the Mountian. Remember Moses!? If we had more time, it might not have been a bad idea. In fact, I think I would have quite enjoyed it.
The way moon came out to play while the sun still shined.
God has some stellar creations.
MOOSE! We ran into two women on the trail who had just barley run into a Bull Moose with a large Rack! They Dove into the bushes when he appeared because they were nose to nose with the beast. We passed them, and a few min. later we saw this Female Moose. We yelled Moose to Warn them because She hopped right on the trail we had come from and Bolted towards those poor women.
It was Amazing! All the way from the front to the back. Gros Morne Mountain was the most beautiful trail I have ever hiked, but along with being the most beautiful, it might have also been my most hated. (Only because I didn't have the proper footwear and we climbed on Rocks all day). But, The only way to see the views is to make the climb.As Charles Dickens would say, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Thomas Paine said, “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” And to think, James had intended to spend our anniversary at home relaxing.
James Got real dirty! It made me laugh.
At the end of the day we even had time to drive home with some light left outside (but ... most of the drive was in the dark, seeing as we had to drive 4 hours back to Bishop's Falls). The photo below is part of our drive back home through Gros Morne National Park.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray