James and I LOVE to Travel. I guess for me, I was raised that way. I was Born in one City. Then my Parents Moved to another City to attend University; Moscow, ID. After My Father Graduated we moved again but to a different State. My parents decided that living in the city (especially since we were in a bad part of town) wasn't the ideal place to raise 5 children (all elementary age). So, then moved 30 min. Away into a rural area where we lived on a farm for a few years before his job transferred us up to Alaska. 

I grew up Most of my life in Alaska, but if you didn't know Alaska is a pretty big place. The city's don't interconnect like most places where the many cities create one large city unit. They are far and few between. most people would classify our "cities" as town's or villages. We really only have two maybe three cities in All of Alaska. And one freeway. Everything else is just two lane highways. So, as I was growing up, an Hour or so drive to get to the local Fred Myer was no big deal. The three hour drive to get to the only two mall's wasn't a big deal either. 

After 7 years there we moved. Driving all the way to Calgary, AB. Now THAT is a big city! Well, maybe not as big as some, but to me. Coming from the middle of no-where, it was big! I had to learn how to drive on freeways and to add some aggression to my driving in order to get through rush hour traffic. I was there for almost a year when I headed down to Brigham Young University - Idaho to attend  school. My Parents were still in Canada so I drove 12 hours there and 12 hours back during breaks in school. Or, when occasion permitted, I drove 5 hours to Boise where I had some family living.

Once James and I got Married we lived in Calgary for a while, but then we Moved down to Boise for his schooling after two years of preparing. We have stayed mostly in Boise during school times, but We have gone to SO many places to visit family or to work over the summers. Oregon, Utah, Alberta, British Columbia, & Newfoundland to name a few. ALL places we Drove too! Newfoundland was the longest drive we have ever experienced together. Or in general. I mean, I had gone all the way to NewYork and back driving before, but Newfoundland is 20 hours past New York! 

Driving. Lot's and lot's of Driving is what my life had become accustomed too. 5 hours to me is no big deal. 10 hours is alright but once it hits 11 I'm ready to be there. Once you push past the 12 hour mark your body becomes numb to the fact that you've been in the car for so long and anything after that is just one big blur of one Big day. Even if you HAVE been in the car for over 48 hours. It's all just One Day. But, with any long drive. It does help if you stop once (or twice depending on how many days you plan to drive) to eat at a sit down restaurant. I don't know why, but it makes the drive that much better. I guess it also helps because you can eat REAL food, making your body feel refreshed. That Fast Food crap is definitely Not my favourite thing to eat on a road trip.

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