Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hair, Hockey, Haloween & the CFL

So...my hair got it's dramatic change! But...it wasn't what I was complelty wanting. The blonde that I wanted on the top was more of a yellow at first, but it has faded to a more white blonde which is great, and the FIREY RED that I had desired on the bottom is now a darker color than what my hair color was before. The red will to fade into a brighter color, but from what I can tell, it won't be quite what I was desiring. But, that's ok.

The cut, on the other hand, was exactly what I had asked for. I just wanted it layered a bit, but mostly my goal is to just grow out my hair. My hair looks nice, the dresser did what would be best. Overall I was a little dissapointed with the red. I just don't know whether I should leave it, or do something else with it.

Recently, James and I were called as activity people in the Ward, and we went to the ward activity on Saturday night as a DOG and a FIRE HYDRANT!!! Needless to say we were the talk of the day! And when they announced in Sacrament the sucess of attendance at the party they specifically mentioned me! "The Fire Hydrant!" It was super exciting. We also have an Institute Haloween Preference dance this Friday! I asked James by sending him on a treasure hunt and we will yet again dress like the dog and Fire Hydrant we are. (P.S. James Sewed his costume and I used Cardboard & ductape to create my own).

I also went to my first Professional football game! Baisically if people don't make it into the NFL in the U.S. they come to the CFL in Canada haha, so Our hometeam (Calgary Stamepeaders) won! And everytime they made a touchdown fireworks were shot in the air and a lady with a flag and a horse would ride around the field. We left a little bit early because we didn't want to wait forever to get on the train!?" And while we were walking out there were many people with instraments playing (homeless people), One man said, "When are all the drunk people comin out!? They pay me money!?" Then a man walking by told him, "I'll pay you to stop playing." And James said to me, "The only reason drunk people pay him is because they don't know how horrible he sounds."

I think the best part was riding the C-Train (like a subway). There was this Drunk Indian lady on it and she was threatening people by saying, "Give me dollar, or I Killl you!" She was sitting the entire time and would get angry at anyone who looked at her, then she raised her price to TWO dollars! "Give me Two dollar, or I KILL YOU!"
Anyways, she got up finally (When it was her stop, but I wouldn't be suprised if she got off at the wrong place). and she could barley stand and hid a listerine bottle in her coat? Weird? Once she got off a boy near us was like, "I'll give you two Dollars to Shut up!" and then everyone on the train made fun of her the entire ride home, even people who got on the train after she left were told about it and given a good laugh. It was hillarious.

I also went to see my first full Hockey game! It was the Calgary Hitmen, vs: the Lethbridge Hurricanes. It's not the NHL, but the league below the NHL. It was still really fun. And I guess if you aren' tin the NHL they stop the fighting even before it begins. I guess You have to be a TRUE professional if you want to get any real action on the ice. It was funny watching them though attempting to fight before the referies would come to stop them.

Overall we have been busy. But having a wonderful time doing so. I better get back to doing laundry now. Until later,

Love Always,

Mrs. Fray Fray

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Discomfort Determination

Me? I’m all about change. DRASTIC Change.

When it comes to hair, many women would normally have one hairstyle for a year or two at a time. And when they finally decide that it’s “time for a change” Most would either get a haircut similar to the way it was cut before, OR they decide to put maybe a few highlights in to make it look a little bit more sassy or sheik. But most of the time, people will just stick with similar hair tones and coloring as they venture through life. They may every GREAT once and a while decide for a hair color change, but eventually they will go back to the same ol’ same ole. My point is, Women do not like to get too far out of their comfort zone.

Having recently gotten married, I see many other newly married couples or…those couples who have been married 5 years or less. And to me, it almost seems that when it comes to a married woman, versus a single girl, you notice that single people are always updating their hair more often. Maybe it’s due to the fact that they aren’t poor, but let’s pretend that money isn’t a hurdle here. Why is it that married women no longer change their hair like they used to? Or up-keep it the same way? Is it because they no longer have purpose in attracting the opposite sex (their husbands)? Or is it because they feel that, although they are still in their twenties, that they have to conform and be like any other married woman out there?! The way I see it. I’m 20, and being in the 20’s age category I am entitled to be able to still act my age, even if I am married.

So….AS a 20 Year old. I have decided that I’m not going to conform. I am going to do as I well please, and I’m not going to stay in my comfort zone! What’s the point of gaining a mortal body if you can’t take a few leaps of faith sometimes!? Especially when it comes to your hair. I used to take drastic changes with my hair and I’ve decided that I’m still going too! That’s why within the next few weeks my hair will take a journey outside of its comfort zone and into the unknown! The only thing is, …I’m still attempting grow my hair out, so…it will take a more drastic color change than anything else,

but the question is…what will I do!?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Two Months later...

James and I have been married for two months and a day! After the wedding and honeymoon, we headed back up to Canada. We are living in a townhouse styled home with three floors, two bedrooms, and one bath. The first floor is basically just a mud room/entrance, but the main floor plan is very open. I love it!

James recently changed jobs. He was a contractor, working with a kitchen cabinet company with sporadic hours, but now he works for a company called Smart Space, and he works regular hours with benefits! Plus he loves going to work now! Smart Space is a home theatre, surround sound installing type of company, a lot of wires, I don't know...something like that. Anyways, We were very blessed to have this job opportunity to come our way.

I am currently attending a ballet class once a week with the Alberta Ballet adult class program. I also, during the week, nanny my niece Zoe. She will be two years this November. Zoe is becoming better in her identification of people and things. She used to call everyone Mommy, and her mother she would call Shisha (Christa), but now I have progressed from being called Mommy to my real name, which according to her is Ah-Jah. It's not much, but...it's an improvement. The only word that confuses me is when she wants to watch Shrek (which is a lot). Her word for "Shrek" doesn't exactly come out that way...A lot of people think she says a dirty word haha, but I'm sure she'll improve in the future.

I am currently memorizing, "The Family, A Proclamation to the World." I also wish to re-memorize the thirteen articles of faith, all 100 scripture mastery's and D&C 4. I feel it is important to know these things, at least for myself. http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid1815820715/bctid1822459319
I also am planning on learning German and French. Once I have enough money I will be able to get the German "Speak in a week" series and then I hope to continue working from there. We also recently received a free piano from a friend, so I hope to get working on the piano to improve my skills very soon, which right now...well let's just say they aren't to the concert piano level quite yet. But we felt SO happy and blessed when he offered us the piano! It's really exciting!

Anyways...That's our two month update of where we are since we got hitched! Hope to update you again soon!


James and Angela

The Fraser's