Sunday, May 17, 2009

BSU Blue Turf!

So...James and I are here in Boise leaving tomorrow morning to go back to Canada. All in All we had an AMAZING weekend! We took a tour of the Boise State campus and we actually got to go out and walk on the BLUE TURF! Which not many people get to do So that was awesome. But we came here to look at different housing options and the campus and we have decided that THIS IS THE PLACE. We really feel that BSU is the place we need to be right now.
So, after I get my citizenship in Jan/Feb we have an apartment complex on campus we liked and this is where we will be for like the next 6 or more years. James plans to go into Mechanical Engineering here and he wants to play either Football or Rugby. So, he'll try out once he gets down here. But's really exciting for us! :) We're starting to prepare now and we hope to be all set by the time we move, (money, fitness levels, medical done(because it costs nothing here), and the works).
We're pumped to get going and to be apart of BSU, the Blue Turf.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray*