Wednesday, August 12, 2009


HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! James and I had our one year anniversary on the Seventh of August 2009. And we had a BLAST! I took the weekend off of work to be able to relax and enjoy myself with my AMAZING Husband! I Went to a salon in town and they cut, colored, and did my hair! It was SO exciting! They even put Fire engine red in my hair! I can't wait to put more in. I only did a few highlights of Red for now. I loved the French Braid head band in my hair. I wish I was better at the french braid, otherwise I would have a head band in my hair like that WAY more often!

After my hair was done we drove into Downtown Calgary and checked into our Sweet in the WESTIN. (James has a friend who works there and he got us the room for $120 and it was an AWESOME SWEET! in DOWNTOWN! That would have been A LOT of money if he didn't have connections.)Our Sweet had JUST been newly renovated! The bathroom had a T.V. IN THE MIRROR!!! It was AWESOME! If you turned the T.V. Off it would become a mirror again! I loved it! The walls were textured the tile was sweet looking and overall, I loved the room! There was a balcony and our view was the river and skyscrapers! It was an AMAZING weekend! It was magical, and I felt so special:)

We walked around Downtown Calgary and looked into all the shops then, We ate dinner at "THE TOWER" which is Calgary's version of the Seattle Space Needle. We went to the viewing deck first and then enjoyed dinner in a rotating restaurant. After dinner we went back to the Hotel and ate our cake topper and after one year, was FREAKIN TASTY! It was still good! I loved it! I wish James hadn't finished it off the next morning. We also watched two movies and his friend took the movies off of our bill. It was sweet. I love my Husband VERY much! I had a blast this first year and to tell you the truth it doesn't even feel like we've been married that long! I hope we have fun in round two of our marriage and hope to have 100 more rounds before we hit the grave. I Love you James. You're my Best Friend and LOVER tehe Literally.

Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Monday, August 10, 2009

Family Reunion 2009

The Family Reunion this year was at "Anderson Ranch" near Boise Idaho. It's one of the Reservoir's that Boise has. The water level this year was at least double in the river and it was way higher in the lake versus two summers ago! The boat dock was ACTUALLY in the water this time! and it made for easy hassle free floating down the river. Two summers ago you had to walk every 30ft in the river to get to a deeper spot to float. This time there was NO stopping, unless of course you wanted to stop. Janae, Jeff, Carisa, James, Gage and I all floated down the river together. Twice! The first time we went (driving up the road a ways to have a longer float)there was some interesting things that occurred that made me laugh. Well, we were all on different types of floatation devices. I was wearing a diaper (a life vest on my butt) AND was lying on top of a lay down floaty. Janae and Carisa I believe were on round black tire tubes and well...I cant quite recall what everyone else was on. I think Gage was on the Red boating tube and James was on a lay down floaty like myself, yeah, it was Orange and it popped half way down on the first run ha ha when ... well ... let me tell you. We were all floating down the river and there were LOTS of mini-rapids. One particularly strong current was around this bend where it would shoot you out and then you had to PADDLE HARD (with your hands of course) or else you would be sucked into this huge spruce tree. Well, we were all lucky to get past except Janae. She didn't go into the tree, but her tube sure did.
It was wedged in there so good that it would have been difficult to save her tube and not get pulled in herself. She was about to leave it for lost when James came barreling down the bend and went STRAIGHT into the TREE!We all thought he was doomed and watched in suspense and horror! Was he drowning? Was he stuck!? Did he need Help!? Then all of a sudden he triumphantly pulls out of the tree, exclaiming, "HA!" with his right arm in the air holding a miniature canoe paddle?! What the? That was random. But hilarious. It was so weird? But at least he then rescued Janae's Tube and all was well. Except James' floaty. Which is now in floaty heaven where all the popped floaties go. Running into the tree ended up popping his floaty. If you hadn't already guessed. We enjoyed our stay at Anderson Ranch. There were natural HOT SPRINGS that flowed into the river and you had to build your own hot tub or use the ones others had made and with collecting the Hot water, in order to make it cooler, you had to let some of the river in to cool your collection pool down a bit. There was cliff Jumping, Mountain biking, Kayaking, Boating, Horse Shoe throwing, Catamaran-ing, fishing, the men went golfing, and all sorts of things to do there. James and I both didn't really get burned until the last day there! Due to the use of a crappy brand of sunscreen that we used that day. Go figure. I'm just glad we didn't get burned before then! Which would have resulted in a crappy week! Thank Goodness!
James did a barrel Roll on his tube when he and the guys went tubing together. They had a BLAST! He tried to do a barrel roll when I was there, but would barely miss the landing. He also had the best Wipe out with the guys. I guess he flew a good 30 feet or so on his back skimming across the water.
Camping is so much fun! I can't wait to see what is in store for next year's reunion! I love getting together with Family and doing weird stuff and making fun of each other, it's what we do best I think. I love everyone very much and hope to see more people at the reunion next year!
Grandma says that there is to be abstinence (AKA no biblical relations) with spouses for certain months of the year because too many couples are having their babies DURING THE REUNION! So keep that in mind every year!
P.S. James, Dad, and I hit up Craters of the Moon National Park before the Reunion. It was Sweet! (thousands of years old) Lava Flows through Idaho!

Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray
MORE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS TO COME. Just don't have time now.