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The Perfect Gift:

You know in your Mom's basement, how you run across old photos here and there while scrounging through the piles of Stuff!? Or in the attic how there seems to be old Family albums from the 50's or 70's, or however old these things are, of pictures you had never even seen before the moment you went looking for your old High school yearbooks? The fact is, most of us knew what life was like before instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. We had camera's that weren't digital, and you had to go INto the store to get your film developed. And with those developed photos you got your negatives back, along with the prints. And if you lost either the negative or the photo itself, there was no way of recovering it.

Anymore our photos are instant, frequent, and always recoverable thanks to a little thing called the Internet. But what about those old photos still hiding in you Mother's basement? You know, the ones that only have one copy of you as a baby? That adorable picture of you and your brother playing in the sprinkler as adolescents? I mean, sometimes you put one or two on the computer for "Throwback Thursdays" but what about the rest of those photos? This is where the "Perfect Gift" Comes in!

I'm sure you have a sibling or two that sniped a few of your adorable baby photos, but wouldn't YOU like to have a copy of the same photo's? Well, Why not put ALL of those old Family Photo's onto External Hard Drives!?! Gather ALL of your Family Photo's, ANY you can find at ALL. The black & Whites, the Wedding photo's, the baby photo's, EVERYTHING! And then Scan them All onto your computer and organize them into Files by year. Or by Decades, for example "1980's" Then in those folders you can create Sub-Folders for event's, Years, or whatever would be easiest for you and your family to maneuver and find those photos quickly. You'll also need to ask All of your Family members to cough up any photos they have stolen from Mom's Albums over the years. That way EVERYONE can have a copy of ALL the photos.

This isn't an overnight project, that's for sure. But, it will be the most rewarding project/Gift you could ever dream of. I live in High River Alberta, and let me tell you, I didn't think of this gift until after a devastating Flash Flood hit our town in June 2013. My home was the first house on our street with no flood damages, but Almost Everyone in our entire town had serious damages affecting their homes. But you know what was the most common thing people mourned over? It wasn't their houses. It wasn't their TVs, Furniture, Clothes, etc. It was the loss of Memories. They lost Journals, Photo Albums, Baby Books, Photographs, etc. They ALL mourned over lost and cherished pictures & Journals, reminding them of Precious Family Memories.
(Photo: Aftermath of High River, AB Flood).

Hopefully you never have to experience a Devastating Natural disaster to your home, but if it did ever occur, and you lost lost everything! Wouldn't it be comforting to know that you had a sister, or brother that had ALL of those old Family photos on an external Hard-Drive? I think it would be. Because then you know, not all is lost. You don't have to worry about looking through the ashes of your home for just that ONE photo, because you'll already know that other members of your family have it safely stored in a Hard-Drive. And, just to point out, External Hard-Drives are small. So if you are evacuated from your home on a moment's notice, you could grab the Hard-Drive yourself knowing Every photo you own will be safe from disaster.

This Project will be the project that you will feel so grateful for once it is all done. I will help you through the step-by-step process of completing such a daunting task. And remember, don't bite off more than your schedule can handle! Just do a little bit at a time. Day by day you'll start seeing the fruits of your labors and you will feel AMAZING! Now let's get to work on the Perfect Gift! (Click on the Steps Below to get to the information needed for each step). Please Note; some might not yet be ready, so there will be no link. Still under construction. Thank you for your Patience.

Step 1: Gathering The Photos
Step 2: Organizing The Photos
Step 3: Selecting A Hard-Drive
Step 4: Scanning
Step 5: Creating Folders/Sub-Folders
Step 6: Putting Finished Product onto Multiple Hard-Drives
Bonus Step: Digitalizing Old Family Journals

Family Year Books:
Digitalizing Old Journals.
Must Have Family Photo's:

Pedigree Chart:

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