Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thor @ 6 Months: We HAVE a CRAWLER!!!

Thor Turned 6 Months old today! AND he started "officially" crawling this last Sunday! We were at church sitting next to 4month old Lily and her parents and Lily was just chilling on the floor, so we decided to put Thor down (about 2 feet away) and he immediately spotted her on the Floor, flipped over and headed straight towards her! Once he arrived he plopped down on his belly grabbed her fist, and Stuck it in his mouth hahaha. Yeah, ... that ended pretty quick. But at least he learned how to crawl! And we learned that he crawls on the spot, ... IF there's a WHY to do it. The WHY at church just so happened to be Lily.

I've been video-taping Thor's attempts to Crawl here and there for over a month now and compiled a short video to show his progress. It's so crazy how fast time flies! I can't believe he's already 6 Months Old! I've wanted to post about him more regularly, but this little guy is such a busy body! It's hard to find ANY time to do ANYTHING with him around. The only time I get is when he's asleep! And generally when He sleeps, I sleep, because this little guy tuckers me out! Besides working on his crawl he been working on his speech. More and more he's attempting to make noises with his mouth, which... can get kinda annoying sometimes haha but I'm glad he's working on it.

He has also found a fasciation with books, papers, pages ... anything that flips open he likes. Mostly he likes to crinkle or suck on those things but I'm sure he'll get over that phase soon enough. The bath time splish splashing I find more entertaining than the book thing. He LOVES to SPLASH!

Lately, everything he finds just goes straight to his mouth, so I've been keeping a pretty tidy house in order to ensure that this little dude doesn't go sticking the wrong things in there. He's teething. Eating solids. Laughing. Showing intrest, disintrest, likes and dislikes. And lately he gets a little snippy when I'm not doing exactly what he wants, right when he wants it. He makes an Angry noise at me! Sometimes he can be SUCH a Baby! ... Pun intended.

Thor is currently in the 3%-tile for weight (at his last appointment he was in the 10th). And his height is approximately in the 8th (last appointment was 10th). So ... He's a little guy for sure. On Sunday he met a 2 1/2month old and she was the exact same size as him! Don't worry Thor, we all know that you'll grow into your name by the time puberty comes round. (Thor currently weighs about 13lbs).

For the first few months everyone kept saying, "Babies just change your whole life don't they..?" And I would think, "No, ... not really. I mean Everything seems pretty much the same. He sleeps all day and when he's not sleeping he's just eating or pooping so ... I pretty much have the same life." I mean even in the Dominican Republic there wasn't too much that James and I didn't do. It seemed ... the same. BUUuuuT more recently Thor upped his game and NOW I know my life is def. not normal. Mostly because it's no longer about me me me. My life is completely about him him him. I'm def. learning how to be more selfless. But I mean, I was pretty much a Saint before I had him so ... hahaha j/k.

Anyways, I just threw this video together super fast to meet the 6 Month Deadline day so ... hope you enjoy this mini-home video.