Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Surprise!

I Have been in my new Apartment for nearly three weeks now and have done so many things, but I have neglected to photograph or tell you about Any of it! I think you may be wondering right now, "Why does Angela have a picture of Kimmy with Poo flying out her Bum?" Well, I shall tell you. =] Kimmy tried to do a cleanse with ISAGENIX but soon gave up on that endeavor, leaving Sam to cleanse alone. Kim then realized that she had not had a bowel movement in over a week! And she told us her average (concerning the matter).
So . . . like any normal person, she took 2 E-LAX's. After 8 or more hours she STILL hadn't gone! She even pulled her pants down in the middle of the kitchen and laid on the floor attempting to move it through her system. All I can say, is that the only thing accomplished with that was a bunch of laughter, and a couple of photographs of her behind in the air LOL!!!!
Eventually, she was told by Ryan to drink a liter of Salt Water. Well, that sure cleaned out her system hahaha. And everyone could hear everything from downstairs.
A view From My Upstairs Window
On a Different note. Today I awoke to an Easter Gift from Sam awaiting me on the kitchen table. It was so Sweet of her! And I loved the note she wrote. Best Easter Ever! (This year).
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Summer Home

Well, I am all moved in to my new apartment, which I will be living in for the Summer. There are five of us there, all are LDS and four of the five are single. AND funny story, Elder Miller (One of the Elder's from Fort St. John last summer that we had prank wars with and that we hung out with all summer (lived in our building)). He was at General Conference (in my new stake Building) and he is one of the missionaries in the singles ward!!! Lol so funny! Too bad he's not in my ward. But that's O.K., if the girl's ever feed the missionaries I can say Hello to him again =] AND Elder Bridaeu, (the other Elder from last summer) is out in Sherwood Park, which is right next to Edmonton! Super cool! Anyways, I thought I would give you the tour of my new home. There are 3 Bedrooms upstairs, and 1 1/2 baths. This is the Kitchen, which is to the right of the front door when you first walk in . . .
The living room with a Window into the kitchen.
Our min-Backyard.
Fireplace in the Living room.
That is the front door view from the Living room. The door on the Right is the basement Where two of the five girls sleep. And it has the laundry!
Up the stairs
This is the Master Bedroom Room
That's My room Down the Hall, and the bathroom is the first door to the Left.
That is an air-matress.
Sweet organizational Skills. Making use of the space that I have.
And ... That is me in my New Bedroom. The End.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Break in Okotoks

For Spring Break we traveled to Canada to visit Family! It was great week, but a lot colder than we're used too (Since our move to Boise). We stayed in Calgary area for the week and then traveled to Edmonton at the end of it to drop me off in my new apartment. James got his watch that he won for doing up-sells over the summer while we were there, and it is awesome! It's for divers and surfers, so you can bet he'll be wearing it as often as possible.
James flew back to Boise at the end of our week to finish school for the semester and then he will be up North in the same area as me for the summer. I'm trying to look at it from a military wife's perspective while we're apart. At least it's only for 5 months, we get visits, can talk as often as we want AND we have Skype. The worst part of it will just be the first month and a half while he's finishing school, because we don't have the money for any visits until after he's out. Other than that it won't be so bad. It could be worse. He could be in the military for reals, and then I wouldn't see him for longer lengths of time, minimal calls AND I would be worrying about him not coming home at all. So, I'm grateful for our circumstances when I compare them to other's circumstances.
A Misty Frozen Fog came through our first night in Okotoks creating poky and cool looking trees! It looked Awesome Everywhere!We babysat Zoe for a few days while Christa had a girls weekend with her Mom and Sister. Zoe fed Cleo some yummy cheese! They ran around playing, and Cleo liked playing with Zoe, she just wasn't used to playing with her, so every now and then she would look at me to see what I was doing.
Lickin her lips
Zoe & James watchin the tele
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray
Zoe is 4 now! Can you believe it!?