Monday, December 27, 2010

Pnina Tornai

Pnina Tornai Sweetheart Princess/Ball Gown Wedding Dress with Dropped Waist in Silk Taffeta. Bridal Gown Style Number:31574544Pnina Tornai V-Neck Mermaid Wedding Dress with Dropped Waist in Satin. Bridal Gown Style Number:51794056
I haven't watched regular television in quite some time.
And as you know,"Say yes to the dress" on TLC was one of
my favorites. I was reminded of this today, and since I do not
have cable I decided to take a peek at my favorite designers
pages. I went to one of these designers sites and was
like, "Eww."The dresses that this particular designer is
coming out with I have decided aren't that awesome for
2011, nor were they
that great for 2010
for that matter. Then I was like, "Hmmm...

I wonder how Pnina Tornai is doing?"
And I have looked no further as of yet because Pinina
never fails to amaze me with the Beautiful gowns she
designs. I would hug her if
I could. Below are just a few of her dresses that I loved,
pay attention to the details and
lace and the pleating.
I love wedding fashion. It makes me happy.
Pnina Tornai Sweetheart Mermaid Wedding Dress with Dropped Waist in Silk Satin. Bridal Gown Style Number:32020687

Pnina Tornai Sweetheart Princess/Ball Gown Wedding Dress with Dropped Waist in Satin. Bridal Gown Style Number:31800089

Thursday, December 23, 2010

SL City Christmas Concert

James and I are leaving for Mexico in T - 9 days!!! YAY!!! I'm Super excited! The closest to tropical I've ever been is San Diego California. But, I don't think that's really "Tropical." It's just warmer than AK, OR and AB. With water that doesn't kill you if you swim in it for too long. But Mexico I hear has water that's actually warm!? So That makes me really excited. Plus we get to go see ruins, go snorkeling, play tennis, basketball, swim, swim and SWIM! Free food, Free flights, free room, free kisses!! (lol just from James though). But yeah, I'm really excited to be going, and I hope James does better this coming summer at work than last summer.
The picture is us in Salt Lake City last weekend to attend the annual Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert with David Archeledo as the guest singer. We got tickets a month and a half in advance, we came early to be seated, but we didn't get in! Apparently they didn't think there would be a good showing or something because they gave out 3,000 tickets too many! (And from what I can understand, some people didn't get tickets till the day before!!!) We luckily got into the theatre next door to watch (Which was also packed), but I was pretty livid at the time. As was James, ... and about 3,000 other guests. I wouldn't have been so upset, but we drove all the way form Boise AND we got our tickets over a month ago! 3/4 of the people just took off after they were told it was full. I pretty much felt like the movie "TITANIC," and ... we didn't make it. Well, ... I guess we were Rose and were saved in the nick of time, but it felt like the Titanic because of all the people waving tickets outside of the doors not receiving admittance. And the people that left were the ones floating around dead. Great analogy eh?
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Track News Article

The Nikiski track team saved its best for last at the meet. The Bulldogs' lone win came in the 1,600 relay.

Nikiski anchor Angie Doty beats Soldotna's Ari Goldstein across the line Saturday in the 1600-meter relay with a time of 4:20.9.
Photo by M. Scott Moon

Georgie Heaverley, Laura Rooper and Hannah Thompson combined to get Angie Doty the baton a couple seconds in back of Goldstein. Doty, a sprinter, shot past Goldstein 50 meters from the start as if Goldstein was standing still.

"That surprised me," Goldstein said. "I'm no sprinter, but I was running hard, and she just blew past me. I just tried to focus and run her down."

The speculation at the finish line was that such a fast start would cost Doty dearly in the last 100 meters, but she held on for the victory and automatic state berth.

"I've been telling her she's a quarter-miler for three years," said Nikiski coach Ned Clooten of Doty, who was not entered in the 400 at the meet. "She proved it today."

Skyview coach Rob Sparks said the highlights for his team were Jennifer Holland in the long jump and Ella Fehrer in the 100 and 300 hurdles. Sparks said both should qualify for state.

Fehrer hit the last hurdle in the preliminaries of the 100 hurdles. She crawled across the finish line and qualified for the finals by one-hundredth of a second.

"For four years, her mentality has been that every little thing counts," Sparks said. "If she doesn't crawl over that finish line as quick as she can, she has no chance to make it to state."

Sparks also said Josh Lansing set a school record in the 800.

Other winners and automatic qualifiers from the peninsula were Seward's Adams in the 3,200 and Seward's 3,200 girls relay of Anna Clock, Rubye Foldager, Lara Loomis and Denali Foldager.

The other record breaker Saturday was Colony's Hallie Huggins, who ran 12.80 seconds to set a new record in the 100.

Region III track and field


Friday, Saturday

at Skyview High School


Team scores: 1. Soldotna, 91; 2. Colony, 75; 3. Kodiak, 62; 4. Seward, 56; 5. Kenai Central, 55; 6. Anchorage Christian Schools, 39; 7. Palmer, 37; 8. Nikiski, 26; 9 (tie). Grace Christian, Skyview, 22; 11. Homer, 19; 12. Wasilla, 18; 13. Valdez, 1.

3,200-meter relay — 1. Seward (Clock, R. Foldager, Loomis, D. Foldager), 10 minutes, 21.78 seconds); 2. Kenai Central, 10:31.83; 3. Kodiak, 10:37.78; 4. Grace Christian, 10:45.88; 5. Wasilla, 10:49.11; 6. Palmer, 11:37.26.

100 hurdles — 1. Amber McGlasson, Ken, 15.78; 2. Lauren Olendorff, Sol, 16.31; 3. Hallie Huggins, Col, 16.91; 4. Ella Fehrer, Sky, 16.99; 5. Aimee Villard, ACS, 17.36; 6. Ali-K Babcock, Col, 17.43.

100 — 1. Hallie Huggins, Col, 12.80; 2. Ardrienna Everett, Col, 13.20; 3. Erika Klaar, Hom, 13.30; 4. Angie Doty, Nik, 13.33; 5. Jasmine Oliver, Kod, 13.33; 6. Candace Walker, Ken, 13.40.

800 relay — 1. Kenai Central (McGlasson, White, Gifford, Walker), 1:52.51; 2. Palmer, 1:54.44; 3. Anchorage Christian Schools, 1:56.75; 4. Grace Christian, 1:57.33; 5. Kodiak, 1:58.56; 6. Skyview, 2:00.85.

1,600 — 1. Ari Goldstein, Sol, 5:28.39; 2. Katie Franzmann, Sol, 5:38.57; 3. Anna Clock, Sew, 5:43.12; 4. Abby Reed, Kod, 5:43.49; 5. Anna Duz, Hom, 5:44.99; 6. Sarah Martinez, Gra, 5:50.63.

400 relay — 1. Palmer (Lincecum, Brown, Oosting, Beetch), 53.82; 2. Kenai Central, 55.01; 3. Anchorage Christian Schools, 55.07; 4. Kodiak, 55.09; 5. Grace Christian, 55.26; 6. Seward, 56.98.

400 — 1. Maggie Miller, ACS, 1:02.48; 2. Denali Foldager, Sew, 1:03.01; 3. Ardriena Everett, Col, 1:03.16; 4. Elizabeth Metcalf, Gra, 1:04.03; 5. Rubye Foldager, Sew, 1:04.71; 6. Whitney Wright, Vald, 1:05.02

300 hurdles — 1. Amber McGlasson, Ken, 47.53; 2. Denali Foldager, Sew, 49.28; 3. Ella Fehrer, Sky, 49.65; 4. Tasha Lee Gilmore, Pal, 50.74; 5. Briana Young, Kod, 50.87; 6. Aimee Villard, ACS, 51.84.

800 — 1. Ari Goldstein, Sol, 2:26.21; 2. Rachel McCartan, Sol, 2:28.64; 3. Rubye Foldager, Seward, 2:31.35; 4. Suzanna Caldwell, Was, 2:33.23; 5. Anna Clock, Sew, 2:35.88; 6. Emily DeRoy, Kod, 2:36.57.

200 — 1. Hallie Huggins, Col, 26.62; 2. Candace Walker, Ken, 27.27; 3. Erika Klaar, Hom, 27.37; 4. Angie Doty, Nik, 27.38; 5. Kahla Oosting, Pal, 27.78; 6. Jasmine Oliver, Kod, 27.95.

1,600 relay — 1. Nikiski (Doty, Heaverley, Rooper, Thompson), 4:20.90; 2. Anchorage Christian School, 4:22.07; 3. Soldotna, 4:22.09; 4. Homer, 4:25.96; 5. Grace Christian, 4:26.24; 6. Seward, 4:26.64.

Triple jump — 1. Ardrienna Everett, Col, 35 feet, 9 inches; 2. Hallie Huggins, Col, 35-06.75; 3. Hillarie Putnam, Was, 33-05.25; 4. Monika Banic, Sew, 32-10; 5. Jasmine Oliver, Kod, 32-08; 6. Korie Burroughs, Gra, 31-08.75.

Shot put — 1. Paige Blackburn, Sol, 35-04.50; 2. Kelly Odell, Kod, 33-02; 3. Lara Loomis, Sew, 32-11; 4. Jade Oleck, Col, 32-01.50; 5. Tamara Beardsley, Kod, 30-04; 6. Jessica Isaako, Kod, 30-03.50.

3,200 — 1. Ari Goldstein, Sol, 11:37.58; 2. Katie Franzmann, Sol, 11:54.28; 3. Nychele Fischetti, ACS, 11:59.97; 4. Casey Martinez, Gra, 12:20.67; 5. Jacquie Lutz, Pal, 12:29.66; 6. Anna Duz, Hom, 12:30.06.

High jump — 1. Sefia Bello, Kod, 4-11; 2. Jennifer Holland, Sky, 4-10; 3. Rosanna Lincecum, Pal, 4-8; 4. Kristina Barnes, Sky, 4-6; 5. Kailyn Beetch, Pal, 4-6; 6. Diana Solenberger, Kod, 4-4.

Long jump — 1. Jasmine Oliver, Kod, 16-1.5; 2. Ardrienna Everett, Col, 15-11.5; 3. Hillarie Putnam, Was, 15-9; 4. Monika Banic, Sew, 15-5; 5. Kailyn Beetch, Pal, 14-3; 6. Liana Purugganan, Sol, 13-9.75.

Discus — 1. Paige Blackburn, Sol, 109-6.5; 2. Debbie Duggin, Nik, 104-3.5; 3. Kelly Odell, Kod, 98-0; 4. Colleen Kelly, Col, 97-11; 5. Alyssa Emery, Sol, 97-5.5; 6. Jessie Cramer, Pal, 90-10.5.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trucking Lego Toy

There is this awesome toy at the mall that James and I have been dying to get, and we got it! It's only going to be there till Christmas, and after it leaves I have no idea where to get it because this is the first and only time I have ever seen these things. The track is like lego pieces and the trucks are off-road type trucks. They're pretty sweet! Anyways, I just thought I would show you all this awesome toy and if you want one the set is $25 so let me know if you want one before it leaves!
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ugly Sweater Party

Friday Night the Rugby team had an "Ugly Sweater/White Elephant party." James and I went to a thrift store to pick up an Ugly sweater for each of us. James ended up getting his sweater out of the women's section because all the of the men's sweaters were too small for him. He wore horses!AND he wore his outfit to class prior to the party. Everyone told him how awesome his attire was. We couldn't find any Christmassy sweaters, but as long as they were ugly it didn't matter. And apparently Ugly also means itchy. It doesn't look like it, but my sweater was not so comfortable. And Even after a washing I think some old lady's cat hairs were still embedded into the fabric. Lovely. The party was great. We didn't stick around for the entire thing (for obvious reasons), just the White Elephant part which We got a Turkey! And gave a sink plunger. There were some pretty outrageous gifts, only one embarrassed me to see it (I couldn't stop laughing!), and it was the very last gift, in an envelope. I thought it was a gift certificate or something, but it wasn't. Someone gave bubble wrapped cinder blocks, and another a shake weight. We traded an apple for the turkey. And of course there were lots of sexy items. One was a Christmas man thong! No one traded to get that lol! It's risky to take a gift that hasn't been opened.
P.S. if our tree only looks half lit, that's because it is.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

November Marsh-mellow Roast

James and I don't have a fire pit, so ... how do we have a date roasting marsh-mellows? Well, we either use candles OR the stove!Which, by the way, the stove is much faster than the candles, covers More mallows, AND has a more even touch to it. These photos are from November, but I thought that I would still share them with you, because it was fun. I sure do love my inventive, ingenious husband! (P.S. we used shish-ka-Bob skewers).
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Snow Day!

This is what Boise calls a "Snow Day!" On December first all classes at Boise State University were cancelled! It was Beautiful! Not that it was a day that I had classes on anyways, but James did, so it was nice to spend the day with him. We went to the school cafeteria and met up with some of James' Rugby Buddies for lunch. We then proceeded to play in the snow for a bit with them and we saw a large group of girls rolling a few snowballs together to make two Huge snowmen! Johnny saw this as a great opportunity to "be a man" and, like any boy/man, he went a broke one of the balls in half, LOL! It was funny to us, but I'm pretty sure those girls won't be letting that go for a long time. If you look in the picture to the left, I'm pretty sure that, that one car was purposely covered more than was originally snowed upon (This is the morning of outside our apartment). It was a great day overall. But the great thing about Boise is that all the snow is gone now! It's winter/summer and I find it absolutely wonderful! Plus it isn't negative anything outside! This is the happiest winter of my life!
You can ACTUALLY see the snowball in mid air!
This guy was out there for a long time trying to get out, so James went to be of some assistance. Another man showed up right when James did.

Johnny Broke their large snowball in half, ... I don't think all the girls out there liked it all that much. ("Why'd you do that!") lol!
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jocelyn's Wedding video clips

I put together a montage of Jocelyn's Wedding for everyone. I do have more video that was unused. I just wanted to keep this particular clip short, to be able to stay within just the one song. But I can do a little bit more work. I just wanted to quickly put something together for everyone.
Words of Wisdom
A clip of what will be on her DVD for the wedding. If you would like a copy when it is completed just let me know, if you have pictures or videos to add PLZ send them to me or let me know. Thanx!
This dance montage
did not have background noise other than the music but for some reason when uploaded to "youtube" it got on there and its from clips not associated. Very weird. So, this version will be slightly different when in DVD form.

Jocelyn's Wedding

How silly of me, I totally forgot to post my little cousin's wedding! Jocelyn and I were both born on George Washington's Birthday, two years apart. It's sort of neat to share a birthday with a relative, as long as they're not in your immediate family that is. I took video at her wedding, which I have yet to edit, but once I do I shall attach it to this post.
She was married in the Rexburg Idaho temple on October 22? 12? Well, I don't really remember the exact date, but it was in October. I love my cousins. They are so awesome, and I am so happy that none of them, as of yet, have married complete idiots. So that's a great blessing. And if they have married idiots, at least I have remained in the dark about that. That way I can at least have the illusion of a perfectly wonderful family.
I totally thought that the decorations had "rock candy" spread all over the tables. I popped it in my mouth and found that it was really just rocks, or was it glass?
The Newlyweds
Grandma is so popular
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray