Thursday, September 30, 2010

James on Fox

BSU Bike Barn - KTRV Fox 12

There's a new kind of parking garage at Boise State, geared toward bike riders. Although it only has 65 spots, they're covered spots with two different forms of security; and it's much cheaper to park your bike, than to park your car.

"I'm saving a lot of money, because I only bought a parking permit once, and it was ridiculously expensive," said BSU student, Lenna Villanueva. Campus parking permits can often be more expensive than your Sociology 101 textbook.

Students are figuring it out more and more, that riding your bike to class is the way to go. "Save some gas, not having to have another car, insurance, all that," said BSU student, Braden Storrs. (He's in our ward)

"I live about a mile from campus and it's faster for me to ride my bike to than it is to drive," said James Fraser, another BSU student.

"We definitely see more and more people taking shuttles, using our car share program, coming by bike, walking," said Casey Jones, director of Transportation and Parking Services at Boise State University.

A new campus bike barn, in the Brady parking garage off University will provide 65 spots for secure bike storage. While there are still many places on campus to lock up your bike for free, there's one thing those spaces don't offer that the bike barn does, and that's 24 hour security. "They want to know that their bike will be there when they come back after 8 hours of being on campus," Jones said.

Not only that, but the new barn will keep your bike out of the cold wet weather. "Environmental benefits, and financial benefits, health benefits, you know it's just something we should be accommodating," said Jones.

For only $15 a semester you get key card access to the gated area, and your own rack to doubly lock up. "With that will come four full days of free [car] parking for those times when the weather is just not cooperating," said Jones.

Although some students would rather save their money, and lock up their bikes for free... "It just makes more sense for me to park it and then move it with me, and then when I'm done I can just leave instead of having to walk over and pick up my bike again," Fraser said.

It might be a great new option for others. "For someone who may be here longer during the day, throughout the day, you know that could be something really worth while for them," said Storrs.

BSU says they enjoy seeing everyone ride to and from campus on a bike. During the Boise state game on Saturday they tested out a bike valet service that was a huge success. They are planning to have at least two bike valet lots for the next Bronco home game against Toledo.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Photo shoot; 2 years

James & I got our photos done a week or two ago by Sireena did an Amazing job and I thought I would share a few photos with you from the shoot. Sireena gives each of her clients the CD and the copyrights so you can print off as many of your photos as you want! It's a pretty sweet deal. She works mostly in the Utah and Idaho areas, but travels, so she may come to where you are some day too!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Jessica's "Daily Affirmation"

I Need to start doing this! lol

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Banana Bread! MMmmm...

I made my first Ever batch of Banana Bread! It was delicious! The only thing was that when it was in the oven cooking it was spilling over continuously. I finally had to put a baking sheet underneath to catch the overflow. But it was weird because I followed the directions to the "T." I Wasn't sure how high it would raise so I didn't know that I needed to pour some out. O'well, all the same I feel triumphant in my attempt at bread making. We put chocolate chips in it instead of nuts because James doesn't like nuts. I also sprinkled brown sugar on top, which was pretty yummy. And we ate the entire loaf! (Not in one sitting though, it took approx. a week to finish eating it). I also made a Pizza for guests that we had over Saturday night. They all said it was good, but I dunno, sometimes people lie to make you feel good lol. The other photos are shots of my bathroom.
It's the only room that I've documented for all of you so enjoy looking at my toilet ha ha, but notice the set up of the bathroom. I love my apartment, the only thing I would change is the bathroom set up. The door swings open to be in front of the vanity, and the door is literally Centimeters away from hitting the toilet when it opens, so if someone has the door closed while going potty the other person literally can't come in till their business is done. It's silly, so I thought I would show you.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Warning Signs

I went for the first 45min. Received $15, ... and then quit.
LOL! It sounds funny that way doesn't it?
Want to know the story now? Well... someone posted online that they needed someone to pick up groceries for them every week and a half or so and it would take approx. 45min. each time, and you would recive $15 cash at the end of each trip, so I thought, SWEET! I could have a job, go to school AND do this, no prob.
He e-mailed me that the position had been filled so I was like, "O'well" But then a week and a half later he calls me up. I talked to him on the phone and it was a little weird. The way he talked and said things. It felt a little off too, but I was just like, "Is he just old? Is he handicapped?" Why does he need me to pick up his groceries was basically what I was thinking. I also thought that James NEEDED to come with me. So I was like, O.K.

So James came with me and we met with him where he gave us the list and the money to get his food, but the second he opened the door I felt Icky. It was just REALLY Icky. He acted a little weird, but I usually don't freak out when people act weird. And this WAS the First meeting right? People shouldn't jump to conclusions? Well, this was different. I spiritually haven't felt THIS way very often. Perhaps two or three other times in my life. Even when we got in the car to go to the store I felt it. And at the store I was so SPIRITUALLY sick that I felt Physically sick, like I was going to literally vomit.
Sometimes when I've felt this way I knew exactly what was going to happen if I didn't follow the spirit's promptings. This time, I couldn't put my finger on what the consequences would be I just KNEW I could never go back after tonight.
After I decided for sure that I wouldn't be back I started to feel a little bit better.

It kind of made me wonder why the last person stopped working for him? And when I thought about it, he told me that he had traveled to Europe for the Summer and gone to New York and all these places. He was approx. 50 and looked healthy to pick up his own food, and he obviously likes to go places, why then does he have people shop for him? Weird.

I don't usually post these types of things on my blog, but I guess it's a good story to tell. When you have a gut feeling, and when the spirit tells you something, You DO IT. Plus, I didn't want to forget what I felt and be dooped into going back on accident ha ha j/k. But seriously, I am so thankful that a member of the Godhead is here to warn me and guide me through this life. Listen to the promptings and warnings he sends you, and DO whatever it tells you, because if you don't, he will send those promptings less and less. If you don't use it, You'll lose it.

Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray