Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who am I, and Who do I want to Become?

Who am I now? Who do I want to become? What do I need to do now to get where I want to go?
I like to evaluate where I am at times in my life to see if I am on the track to get where I want to be in the future. These are just some quotes that I really like that remind me that I am the one who decides who I am and who I will be.

I am a product of the choices I make.
"I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul."

"Independence is the recognition of the fact that yours is the responsibility of judgement and nothing can help you escape it--that no substitute can do your thinking, as no pinch-hitter can live your life--that the vilest form of self-abasement and self-destruction is the subordination of your mind to the mind of another, the acceptance of an authority over your brain, the acceptance of his assertions as facts, his say-so as truth, his edicts as middle-man between your consciousness and your existence .... every man must be judged for what he is and treated accordingly." -Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged).

-Remember: You are what you eat. Both mentally and physically.

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Hair & Computer!

Well, if you haven't noticed from my other posts yet, I have NEW HAIR! Not like a transplant, ha ha, just a new color. It's like Jean from X-Men. Or, the color I had while I was dating my husband. He wanted the girl he married back. He just didn't realize the girl he married has always been a blonde. We got a new Mac today! So exciting! Especially since my computer of 5 years is putt, putt, puttering out. I have been so afraid for weeks that I would lose all my photos to a crash! But this newcomputer has brought new comfort to my soul. And the old one will die in the not too distant future I am sure.Also, we had been having prank war with the missionaries. They started it, and then after something we did they ended it with a note of truce. In the photos we're just putting a shopping cart into their truck. (That wasn't the reason they stopped the war). I would tell you, or show you the photos ofwhat we did, but James said not too. Sad.
Love Always,
Mrs Fray Fray

Monday, June 21, 2010

Shootin Potatoe's

Today James, the Elders, and I all went
shootin Potatoes out on a cliff here in Fort St. John B.C. There were many old junk cars that had been pushed off the side of the cliff, one looked like it had been set fire and then pushed off. It was quite enjoyable. One Elder went down the cliff to take a picture of a fallen potato inside of a car and while he was down there we tried to shoot at him.
He tried to be clever and hide behind cars and bushes, and then decided to take a leak in full view of
us, but was too far for us to see anything. The other Elder cried, "Remember who you are Elder!" trying to get him to discontinue what he was doing.
Then as he attempted to get back on top of the cliff we continued to shoot at him. It was quite humerus. (No, we did not hit him).

P.S. I don't know what the rest of you think, but I think that the one Elder looks like Robert. It's so weird because he'll even laugh like Robert and some of the things he does sometimes, I'm just like, "Rob?" So weird... Sireena: just imagine Rob with glasses. Is this what he would look like? I know their not twins, but he could definitely pass as a brother.

Up in the Air

James and I were given an air ride over the Fort St. John area as a tip for one of his jobs!
He installed a system into the gentleman's house and his air hanger. So, we went up into the air for about an hour and a half. It was quite enjoyable. I did become a tad bit overheated at one point, and I did start to feel ... sick. James finally looked back and I motioned that we should head back in. Then the Pilot asked if I was feeling sick.
I said yes, and he directed me to a bag just for
that particular sort of issue. About two second
s later ... I
threw up in the bag. It was sort of funny. And at least I felt a little better after that. Later we went to the Bishop's house for a Young Adult / Young Marrieds fireside, dinner. It was yummy.
Afterwards, we went to the River with our group and played Ultimate Frisbee in the mud, and dipped into the river a little bit. It was a nice day. Leisurely, and wonderful.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Monday, June 7, 2010


$9,456 DOLLARS!!! YAY!!! I just want to scream it at the top of my lungs! I am SOOOO EXCITED!!!! Yes! Yes! YES!!! WHOOO!!!!

What? What is this crazy excitement Mrs. Fray Fray seems to be experiencing you say? Well, James just got a New International Student Scholarship for tuition at BSU in the amount of $9,456 Dollars! WHOOO!!! This is So amazing! It makes me super excited! Our first Scholarship and it totally rocks!

It will be split into two semesters, so for the fall they will pay $4,728 on tuition, and for spring they will pay that much again on tuition! So, it’s not quite all of his tuition, but it’s a pretty darn good amount I’d say. I just wanted to let everyone know of our excitement! And I wanted to thank Irene and my parents for helping us to get to this point to be able to go back to school! James will do Amazing things because of it. So, thank you so much! You guys are awesome! And Thank you Heavenly Father! You have blessed us in uncountable ways. This tuition one though is super obvious so I wanted to thank you personally for giving it to us! Best Blessing EVER!!!

To get the Scholarship James had to answer 4 Essay questions about why he wanted to come to BSU and why HE deserved the scholarship and so forth. If you want me to post the essay I can, It’s just super long, so, people will have to request it. So EXCITING!

P.S. where we are living now for the summer, there was a murder outside our building three weeks ago and the missionaries heard it from their window! We're in ghetto hood here. Lots of abductions and stabbings and such. And the building next to us is where we were supposed to be staying, but it burned down a few days before we were supposed to move in because of a Crystal Meth Lab. Quite the adventure.

Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Long time, no Blog?

Hey everyone!
Yes, Yes… I know. I Have neglected my blog for quite some time now, but we have been busy. Working and stuff. So, we were in Northern Alberta but are now located in Northern B.C. and we are currently in a city which has the ALASKA HIGHWAY running straight through the center of it! YAY for AK49!!! Anyways, back to what we’ve essentially been up to. In the first month of work James did at Least 75 installs, along with some paid service calls and a rip out. I sold 11 systems, with 3 cancels. But, I might have been able to do more if I worked a little harder and if my managers weren’t such dinks. Totally unorganized, and take all the good area for themselves and stick everyone else in area that has been hit hard every year for the last 3 years. It’s pretty ridiculous, and I have lots of ridiculous stories, but I would rather focus on the pleasant things of our gypsy summer. I have been silly because every time I saw something totally awesome I didn’t have my camera with me!Like, in Peace River Alberta, there was a statue that literally looked EXACTLY like Jebediah Springfield! (From the Simpson’s). And in Beaver Lodge, there was a HUGE beaver in the middle of the city (made of wood). And we also went down by a river one day and saw two beavers working on their dam, so cute! Another girl took pictures of that, so hopefully they’ll at least be on facebook. Things I have taken pictures of happened here in Fort St. John.The city we are currently residing in. So… the first day we were here we walked to Wal-Mart (because it is literally right next door, as in it is 75 meters away from us. And, it is literally faster to walk, than to drive there. Literally! So…we figured we would get enough so that we could walk home with it. To our dismay we got more than that. So… ha ha. We Pushed the cart home. Pushed it into the elevator. And it is now residing in our apartment. :) Ha ha! We thought it was hilarious. Then at the local Grocery Store, James had heard that the lobster was super cheap. So, we went over there last night and it was super cheap! He got one over a pound and it was like $16 or $17 bucks! So, we could have either paid $50 at a restaurant for the tail, or gone to the store and gotten a whole one for $16 bucks? Hmm… Anyways, James thought it was Delicious. I had Tortellini because I think I might be allergic to lobster. I stay away from it just to be safe. We video taped it getting cooked. It was sweet. And sad, but he was going to get eaten anyways, so WE might as well be the one’s to execute him. P.S. his name was Cleatus, and he died well. Like a warrior in a boiling battle?
Well, I will attempt to write more, more often. But it has been a crazy summer. Hopefully James and I can do some fun things (outside) before summer is over.Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray