Tuesday, March 17, 2015

emBAREASSing Series: Episode 1

I was chatting with a friend about how my life is just a series of embarrassing moments strung together, and she mentioned devoting a blog for the sole purpose of telling my stories. She also said "secret blog," but... I'm just going to throw that out the window and allow everyone who desires to laugh at my misfortunes to do so. Just pretend I'm right next to you having a good laugh too and it won't count as laughing AT me, right!? Just to warn you, the reader, most, if not all, of my stories involve #1 and #2. That's right. It's about feces. So... if that's not your kind of story for a good laugh, I'd probably stop reading now. Like, RIGHT now. (Sorry Mom. This is happening. And I know that me telling my stories would absolutely mortify you, so just pretend you didn't see this post. Or... any other future posts for that matter). 

Let's just start this first story out of the gate with a BANG! Literally... This Story happened when I first got married. A fresh little newly wed (who was a virgin before the honeymoon), who still wanted her husband to only think good things about her. And to make this more authentic, I'm going to recite my journal to tell this story more accurately. Oh yes. I wrote this story down in my journal. There's just some things that need to be burned into your mind, and this... is one of them.

December 9th 2008
Dear Journal,

Most embarrassing moment.
I pooped all over the bathroom wall today.

P.S. James thinks it's ridiculous that I pooped all over the wall, and he wants you to know how patient he is with my horrific smelling crap that went all over the wall today! 

It wasn't on purpose, mind you. I mean, how many people wake up and say, "I think I'll poop on the wall today."    -    Not many. And if any do, they are probably mentally disabled somehow. Anyway, it was a complete and utter accident. 

My stomach was hurting really bad, and I KNEW I just had to relieve A LOT of gas. Plus urine, and maybe some poo poo. So once James and I got home I went straight to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and peed. And then I still felt a lot of pressure on my stomach and I knew it was A LOT of gas, and every time I pushed it wouldn't come out. I sat for a bit and then decided it needed a little bit of help. And that help would speedily come from taking a different position. So... with pants still down, I took to the floor. You see, if I sit with my face planted on the floor with rear high in the air I can ALWAYS toot. And good big toots at that! So ... I began. (Stick figure of me drawn in journal at this part with rear in the air). 

With my face on the floor and my butt raised high and started farting. Loud and very relieving farts. My stomach was already feeling better! It was great! Then, near the end of my relief session on the bathroom floor I gave a really good fart and as I was doing so I pushed out REALLY HARD and then, it happened! A big wad of Diarrhea poop flew out my butt! Yikes! My face was of shock and horror! I got up and checked to see if any had gotten on my pants, which were still wrapped around my ankles. Luckily none had dripped, splattered, or hit me anywhere! But to my dismay I found that although I had been lucky, my floor and wall had not. I had shot a large piece of diarrhea  out my butt and it fell and splattered into two large pieces on the floor, each about the circumference of a fist, but looked thin like mud pies. I had pushed so hard that they had completely missed me and hit near the wall and upon landing to the floor splattered ALL OVER THE WALL! It even hit the toilet paper rolls, the vent on the floor, and both towels that were hanging about 2 feet off the floor! It was disgustingly everywhere! 

I was in a panic! I didn't know what to do! I still had to dump, so I returned to my post on the toilet. I didn't know if I should clean it up before James came up to discover me and ALL the poop, or if I should just leave it and have a good laugh with him. I was so embarrassed! So I ran and shut and locked the door (because I always leave it open, I almost never lock the bathroom door). Then I scurried to wipe up the mess as I sat on the toilet. Some of it smeared, some came off, all in all it was gross, but before I could get done, or even half way done for that matter, the door began slowly and quietly to unlock. OH NO!!! 

As it began to open slowly I threw a roll of toilet paper at the door, "GET OUT! DON'T COME IN!" But it was too late. My poor, unsuspecting husband opened the door, THINKING, to a wife who was trying to slip into something "more comfortable." But to his dismay found a wife on the toilet with poop splattered everywhere with some poop smears and the most HORRIFIC and UNBEARABLE smell he had ever encountered. His initial reaction was to stay in the hall and very concerned asked, "Honey, are you O.K!? Did you fall!? What happened!?" Needless to say, I was very embarrassed. I have never crapped on the wall! And I shouldn't be crapping on the wall now that I'm 20! It was a total disaster. I felt horrible. I told my husband what had REALLY happened, and we both laughed about it for hours. In fact, I'm still laughing about it! 

I think one of the worst parts was the smell that lingered on afterwards. Even with the vent on it still somehow found it's way downstairs! My husband claimed that, that smell was worse than ... (fill in the blank). But I didn't think it was. Either way, at least I now have a terrifically, horribly, wonderful story to pass on to my children someday.

James also was febreezing my butt afterwards and spraying disinfectant febreeze everywhere!

Side note: James also said that poop was also on the ceiling. I say it wasn't, and he always responds with, "You weren't the one who cleaned it up!" Yes. That is true. After I finished on the toilet, James shewed me out and HE, being the totally awesome husband that he is, cleaned up the crap fest. He's pretty awesome. Thanks Husband!

Friday, November 21, 2014

The role the Book of Mormon should have in our lives

A few months ago, I gave a talk in sacrament meeting on the Book of Mormon. I was given one months notice and I decided to read 10 pages per day from the Book of Mormon leading up to my talk. I read 10 pages per day about 80% of the time and only a few pages on the days I "failed" to reach my goal. But I never gave up. I noticed, that as I read, I was given greater power in my faith in Jesus Christ and in my current trials at that time. Strength that ultimately led back to the Savior as it's source. I also found more peace in my life which seemed to be falling apart, but was really just falling into place. And I still am enduring trials, but I know that the Lord is only strengthening me as a person, and that all these things will be for my profit and learning, even if I endure them kicking and screaming like a child at times (not literally). 

I'm still reading The Book of Mormon each day, and I'm so grateful I gave this talk on it. It helped me to truly understand the importance of daily reading from the Book of Mormon. I add the Bible here and there, or other scriptural texts, but the Book of Mormon is always read, no matter what else I plan on reading that day. If you find there's "something missing" at the end of the day, and you've read other scriptures. Perhaps open the Book of Mormon. Maybe it's been what you've been missing?

My Talk:

The Role the Book of Mormon should have in our lives.

I want you to ponder for a moment the topic. What is the role, that the Book of Mormon SHOULD have, in YOUR life? What role should the Book of Mormon have in my life? Now think to yourself, what role does the Book of Mormon CURRENTLY have in my life? Does the role the Book of Mormon SHOULD have in your life, and the role that it CURRENTLY has in your life, match up? Is the Book of Mormon playing the role in your life that it should be? If it’s not, why isn’t it? 

If you are uncertain on what role The Book of Mormon should have in your life, perhaps this talk today will help broaden your understanding, as you allow the spirit to speak to your spirit.

To help us better understand what role it should have in our lives, we first have to answer the question, “What is the PURPOSE of the Book of Mormon?” 

Mormon Doctrine, By Bruce R. McConkie, States:
“Purposes of The Book of Mormon are: One. To Bear record of Christ, certifying in plainness and with clarity of his divine Sonship and mission, proving irrefutably that he is the Redeemer and Savior; Two. To teach the doctrines of the gospel in such a pure and perfect way that the plan of Salvation will be clearly revealed; and Three. To stand as a witness to all the world that Joseph Smith was the Lord’s anointed through whom the foundation was laid for the great latter-day work of restoration.”

The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that the The Book of Mormon is “the keystone of our religion.” In Preach my Gospel it states:
“An arch is a strong architectural structure made from wedge-shaped pieces that lean against each other. The middle piece, or keystone, is usually larger than the other wedges and locks the other stones in place. When Joseph Smith called The Book of Mormon “the keystone of our religion,” he taught that The Book of Mormon holds our religion together.”

President Ezra Taft Benson taught that the Book of Mormon is the Keystone of our Religion in at least three ways: One. Witness of Christ. Two. It contains the Fulness of Doctrine. And Three. Is the Foundation of Testimony.

Now that we have a clear understanding of what the three purposes of the book of Mormon Are, let’s go through them one by one.

ONE: To Witness of Christ.

Preach my Gospel teaches us that:
“A central purpose of the Book of Mormon is to convince all people that Jesus is the Christ. It testifies of Christ by affirming the reality of His life, mission, and power. It teaches true doctrine concerning the Atonement--the foundation for the plan of salvation. Several of those whose writings are preserved in the Book of Mormon SAW CHRIST PERSONALLY. The brother of Jared, Nephi, and Jacob saw the pre-mortal Christ. Mormon and Moroni saw the risen Christ. In addition, multitudes were present during the Savior’s brief but powerful ministry among the Nephites. Those who know little or nothing about the Savior will come to know know Him by reading, pondering, and praying about the Book of Mormon. The testimony of the Book of Mormon confirms the testimony of the Bible that Jesus is the Only Begotten Son of God and the Savior of the world.”

In 2 Corinthians 13:1 The Bible teaches the following about the law of witnesses:
“In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.” In harmony with this law, both the Book of Mormon and the Bible testify of Christ. Hence why a key statement in the title of the Book of Mormon is, “Another testament of Jesus Christ.” To prove to the world that Jesus IS the Christ. The only Begotten son, and Savior of the world. 

2 Nephi 25:26 States:
“And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.”
Moving on to the second purpose of the Book of Mormon:

TWO: To teach the Fullness of the Doctrines of the Gospel.

In Mormon Doctrine it says:
“Almost all of the doctrines of the gospel are taught in the Book of Mormon with much greater clarity and perfection than those same doctrines are revealed in the Bible. Anyone who will place in parallel columns the teachings of these two great books on such subjects as the atonement, plan of salvation, gathering of Israel, baptism, gifts of the Spirit, miracles, revelation, faith, charity, (or any of a hundred other subjects), will find conclusive proof of the superiority of the Book of Mormon teachings.”

In the October 1999 General Conference, Elder Russell M. Nelson bore his testimony of the Book of Mormon, saying: 
“The Book of Mormon was written anciently for OUR Day... The word atonement, in any of its forms, is mentioned only once in the King James Version of the New Testament. In the Book of Mormon, it appears 39 times! The Book of Mormon also contains more references to the Resurrection than does the Bible... Joseph Smith declared the Book of Mormon to be “the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion.” It is the only book that the Lord Himself has testified to be true.” 

Also, if you look in the footnote in 2Nephi Chapter 12:2a it states: “Comparisons with the King James Bible in English shows that there are differences in more than half of the 433 verses of Isaiah quoted in the Book of Mormon, while about 200 verses have the same wording in the King James Version.”

There are many more examples proving that the Book of Mormon teaches the fullness of the Doctrines of the gospel, but I hope that these examples have sufficed. Moving on, to:

THREE: It is the Foundation of Testimony.

From the 1988, “A Witness and a Warning,” we learn that, “Just as the arch crumbles if the keystone is removed, so does all the church stand or fall with the truthfulness of The Book of Mormon. The enemies of the church understand this clearly. This is why they go to such great lengths to try to disprove The Book of Mormon, for if it can be discredited, the Prophet Joseph Smith goes with it. So does our claim to priesthood keys, and revelation, and the restored Church. But in like manner, if the Book of Mormon be true--and millions have now testified that they have the witness of the spirit that it is indeed true--then one must accept the claims of the Restoration and all that accompanies it.”

Now that we have a better understanding of what the PURPOSE of the Book of Mormon is, we can have a more complete understanding of what role the Book of Mormon should have in our lives. 

When I was a single adult, one of the institute teachers in Calgary, Brother Manden, shared a very though provoking insight to us about the Book of Mormon. He said, “We don’t read it, to complete it.” To me, it doesn’t matter how many times you read a verse, but the way that the Lord teaches us, is through the spirit. And the Book of Mormon is one of the biggest tools that he uses. So it doesn’t matter how many times we read it, what matters is who we become after each time we sit down and read from it’s pages. Personal Revelation is available to each of us as we Study the Book of Mormon.

What are you personally doing to draw closer, and increase your faith in our Lord? What are you doing as a Family to strengthen each other and draw closer to the Savior? The Lord will teach you from on High. Pray together. Read together. Satan keeps us from using our time wisely, and distracts us from strengthening our Families. What are you allowing to stand in the way between you and Christ? And are you WILLING? To give up those things that are standing between you, and what you need to be?

While in University I learned an acronym that might be easy to remember since it is the name of a member in the ward. The acronym is RULA. R.U.L.A. And it stands for:
Read-Understand-Liken-Apply (repeat)
In 1 Nephi 19:23 we read:
“And I did read many things unto them which were written in the Books of Moses; But that I might more fully persuade them to believe in the Lord their redeemer I did read unto them that which was written by the prophet Isaiah: For I did Liken All scripture unto us, that it might be for our profit and learning.” I’ll repeat the last line of that scripture again, “For I did liken all scripture unto us, that it might be for our profit and learning.”
In preach my gospel it states, 
“You...must be willing to ACT on the doctrine, to INCORPORATE it into your daily lives, and, as necessary, to Repent.”

Now is the time to go forward with Faith. Now is the time to begin your legacy of Faith. Now is the time for you to prepare for eternity. Kneel each day and pray to the Lord. He will not fail thee nor forsake thee. By the Power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of ALL things. Now is the time to change. Repentance is Always possible. As you live the standards you will be led. Arise. Give up the things that are standing between you, and what you need to be. We will not become perfect in a day, month or a year, but we can start by turning our weaknesses to strengths. He wants us to Follow him NOW. 

2 Nephi 32:3-5 states:
“Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ. Wherefore, I said unto you, feast upon the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you ALL things what ye should do. Wherefore, now after I have spoken these words, if ye cannot understand them it will be because ye ask not, neither do ye knock; wherefore, ye are not brought into the light, but must perish in the dark. For behold, again I say unto you that if ye will enter in by the way, and receive the Holy Ghost, it WILL show unto you ALL things what ye should do.”

In other words, If you want to fix problems in your life, read the Book of Mormon.

In Relief Society a few weeks ago, Bobbi Barfuss made a comment pertaining to her Mother. She said, “As a young Mother, my Mother was reading all the parenting books she could. Not wanting to “mess up.” I mean, spending hours reading them. Then one day the thought came clearly to her mind saying, “If you spent as much time reading the scriptures as you spend reading these books, you would be a far better Mother, and will be able to know what you need to do.” -End Quote.

We read in D&C 84:45-54: 
“For the word of the Lord is truth, and whatsoever is truth is light, and whatsoever is light is spirit, even the Spirit of Christ. And the Spirit giveth light to every man that cometh into the world; and the spirit enlighteneth every man through the world, that hearkeneth to the voice of the spirit. And every one that hearkeneth to the voice of the spirit cometh unto God, even the Father. And the Father teacheth him of the covenant which he has renewed and confirmed upon you, which is confirmed upon you for your sakes, and not for your sakes only, but for the sake of the whole world. And the whole world lieth in sin, and groaneth under darkness and under the bondage of sin. And by this you may know they are under the bondage of sin, because they come not unto me. And whoso receiveth not my voice is not acquainted with my voice, and is not of me. And by this you may know the righteous from the wicked, and that the whole world groaneth under sin and darkness even now. And your minds in times past have been darkened by un-belief, and because you have treated lightly the things you have received.” -End of verse.
Sometimes people think they don’t need God. That they can do it themselves. Say that it’s no big deal, everybody does it... Don’t bring God’s Standards down. Some people bring it down, so that they can feel alright where they are at. While in University, my Professor at BYU-Idaho, Brother Riggins said to us, referring to peoples attitudes towards the scriptures, “I couldn’t fit God into my schedule today.” - No, everything we do should be the other way around. Rather than fitting God into your busy schedule, you should try to fit busy things into your spiritual schedule.”

Elder Natress, of the fifth quorum of the seventy said, “Everything you listen to, read and watch within the next year will largely determine your eternal outcome.
You need constant attachment, constant focus to the word of God.” 

In the Book, “The Power of Focus,” J. Paul Getty States, “ The individual who wants to reach the top in business must appreciate the might of the force of habit - and must understand that practices are what create habits. He must be quick to break those habits that can break him - and hasten to adapt those practices that will become the habits that help him achieve the success he desires.” -End Quote.

Habits we have been encouraged and commanded to implement are daily scripture study, both individually and as a Family.
In the 1800’s they used to sit around the fire-place and read to each other. Why not do that more often, than sit and watch T.V.? Make it a habit to spend time with your family doing quality things.

The Book of Mormon is an Anchor in each of our lives. It is an anchor to Christ. To the Spirit. To God. If you aren’t doing so now, or haven’t done so before, I would like to encourage you to go home TODAY and pick up your Book of Mormon and begin reading. Start with a goal in mind. Perhaps you would like to finish it before the end of this year? Maybe you want to read 30min. per day, even if some days that means only 10 verses. You could do a chapter a day, or even 10 pages per day, which was the rate that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon. Just set a goal that is achievable for YOU, write it down, and post it somewhere you will see it every single day. Then follow through and Do It! If you miss one day on accident, let it go and start again the next day as if you never missed a beat. Missing one day doesn’t make you a failure. Quitting altogether makes you a failure.

I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and that it is the most correct book of any book on earth. It brings me the peace I need in my life and I draw nearer to my Father in Heaven as I read it, and I know you can too. I testify in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5 Year Anniversary Wedding Shoot

This post is a tad bit late, because my 5 year anniversary was back in August 2013. But to be fair, we didn't have the shoot till mid-September, we have been moving and traveling for the past bit and I didn't get the photos until November so... it's right on time I think.

For our 5th Wedding Anniversary, James and I got dressed up in our wedding clothes, and had another wedding photo shoot! I just loved going through facebook and pintrest and seeing all the girls getting married and what they wore, how they did their hair, what the decor was like etc. So I decided, I wanted another wedding shoot. Since I think this might become a Family tradition every 5 years, I decided Not to do a "trash the dress" session. At least until I'm ready to buy a new gown 5 years later. So perhaps my 15th wedding anniversary I'll do it. We'll see.

Here are some of the Amazing photos our photographer took of us. We decided to go to Banff National Park for this shoot, at Lake Minawanka. We had lauenhannaphoto photograph (Edmonton Photographer). For my hair I had Christa Woodbeck (my sister-in-law) do it (Calgary Hairstylist). And I don't think you can tell from the photo's (well, maybe the family one lol) but it was FREEZING that day! Literally! The wind was blowing and there were bursts of snow and rain. But when the camera started clicking I mentally just told myself it wasn't cold and that my face couldn't show how my body was really feeling.
Here is our little Family, 5 years after the Wedding, holding one of our Wedding photos from 2008. Thor came out of the car for a few shots and this was probably one of the few shots she got where he wasn't crying  because of the cold, but once back in the car he was a happy little camper.
 She gave us a ton of photos on our disc so I'm only posting my personal Favourites. Enjoy!
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Friday, February 7, 2014

Rants and Lessons from South East Asia

Throughout the time I've spent in South East Asia, I've learned a lot of lessons. Some of which I'm too embarrassed to proclaim to all, but there are some in which I think some may benefit from.

My whole life I've been a dreamer. I love thinking about all the places I've never been and the things I have to do and see. I've just always enjoyed traveling and all that comes with it. Adventure! Excitement! Pictures! People! And so on...

Before I got married I thought that marriage would tie me down and that I'd never get to do and see all the neat things this World has to offer. I feel like people and the media tell you, "once you're married, it's all over." Even the message in "Eat, Pray, Love" is that you can't find yourself unless you're "free." Which, is a Huge Lie.

I traveled a bit over North America with my Family before marriage, but it wasn't until after I got married that I really started to go places. It all came due to my Husband's job. Every year he has the opportunity to earn a trip with the company he works for. Which for me, has been a huge blessing, because I love to go places. It just shows me that God cares not only about my basic needs, but also the desires of my heart.

The next great lie that people, and media tries to feed you is, "once you have kids, you're tied down like a dog to a chain." But since we were blessed to have our son, we've just started bringing him along with us on all our trips. I've never once felt like he tied me down from doing what I want to do with my life. Wether I want to go somewhere, learn something, or do something I just adjust my schedule accordingly.

I guess, I subconsciously changed my priorities once I had Thor. He hasn't made me feel "tied down" because I became less selfish once I had him. My world revolved around him (and James), yet he lives in my world the way I want my world to be. It all just blended together in a perfect balance. I can still be me, but he's apart of my every moment, everyday.

I think another lie that comes from having children is that people look at stay at home Mother's as unaccomplished nobody's who chose the  "easy" road or "lazy" route. Many people label Homeschool Mom's and stay at home Mom's many things, but most of the things they are labeled as aren't seen in a positive light. People for some reason look down on stay at home Mother's. Yet "The hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world."

Motherhood is the hardest job out there. No sick days. You're on duty and on call 24-7. You're the spiritual leader, teacher, disciplinary, chef, maid, groundskeeper, interior designer, etc. And you're the one and only Milk Producer in the home for all the new recruits (newborns). You have to sacrifice you're sexy hot body to stretch marks and flab just so that you can spend every day wiping bums, noses and sticky fingers.

Anyone who has never done it themselves, who diss on Motherhood are, to put it simply, extremely ignorant, and live a selfish and unfulfilled life.

Anyway, to stay on point, when we decided to come to South East Asia, we decided to not bring Thor. There were just too many dangers to bring him along. We talk to him via facetime twice a day, but as time wears on I'm missing him more and more. If we had decided to do just two weeks, no problem. Three, ... Ok. But we chose to do 5 Weeks! I guess I thought that if I wanted to come home sooner that we could pay $200 tops to get home sooner, but apparently airlines have gone out of control with their fees  and we literally can't come home early without paying $1,000!!! Yeah... I don't have that kind of money. We could have brought a third adult for that kind of money!

It literally makes me furious at United Airlines because I know that they can waive those fee's, but they refuse to because they WANT customers to ditch tickets so they can pocket billions each year. The only way out is for a dead Family Member or if THEY (the airline) cancel the flight. It's completely absurd. I just freaking want to go home 1 to 2 weeks sooner. I'm flexible for them, they need to be flexible for the customer.  

Lesson learned? You better not change your plans even with unforeseen circumstances unless you plan to pay financially for it.

And I guess I'm learning the hard way that 5 weeks away from my son was more than I thought I could handle. I think if I had to leave him again for a week during an anniversary or something would be fine, but I would recommend, when leaving children for vacation time to keep it under 3 weeks.

So, yes. You Can still travel when you have kids. With or without them. But you may miss them more than any pet you've ever left at home while you're away.

I thought that traveling was my "feeling of importance." That by seeing the world that made me somebody. That, that made me important because traveling meant that I was doing something with my life. I'm so great because I've been places, and I've done things. But I'm starting to think that there's minimal truth to that. Yes, I've been places, and done things but it's not about where I go or what I do. It's who I'm with. Without Thor here with us I feel a little more empty, and sometimes a lot more sad.

I've met all kinds of people here in Asia, and some are trying to find happiness through traveling while others are already happy, and have a family but travel for fun with their family. I guess from my perspective, the happiest traveler is the life traveler. The one who knows what life is really about before they get out of bed each morning, no matter where they may be. They know where their priorities lie, and are willing to make the tough choices even when the easy choice sounds more appealing.

It's easy to think only about yourself. It's easy to be selfish and live life with no responsibilities and the "freedom" to go and do whatever you want, whenever you want. But living the "easy" way, isn't a very fulfilling life. I mean, when you're living that life you think you're life is more interesting and great than anyone else's. But it's never going to bring you the joy you get from marriage and children. Where you're life becomes about others and not just about yourself.

To travel and enjoy life are both wonderful things. Because you can enjoy life even without traveling. But the happiest times you'll ever experience are the times that involve family. Especially the moments when you are forming and growing your very own family. Births, marriages, first steps, graduations, hugs and kisses and everything in-between.

If anyone knows how we can get home sooner without the crazy fees it would be much appreciated.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Puerto Vallarta: The City

Welcome to PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO! The first week of November 2013, our Family spent a wonderful 7 days on the Pacific Side of Mexico, in Puerto Vallarta. It was fun to have some Family time in some warm weather. I would recommend visiting Puerto Vallarta at least once, if you're a frequent traveler, but to go back again and again? Probably not. This post has pictures from our day spent in the City of Puerto Vallarta. I felt safe taking Thor around, and wasn't too worried about theft. If you're looking to do some shopping in town to get "killer deals" you probably won't find too many inside the City. And the "flea Market" in town, ... I'm pretty sure all the shops are in it together to rip off the tourists. In the less heavily trafficked areas however, you'll actually get to barter! And you'll feel good when you're done because you'll actually get good deals. There are SOME places here and there IN the City where you can actually get good deals, but again, it has to be a less heavily trafficked area.

One great feature of the Greater Puerto Vallarta area is the Rolling Hills/Mountains of Jungle! It really is beautiful. If we didn't have Thor with us, I would have liked to venture out a bit more to explore the more remote areas and get a bit more taste of Culture. And possibly explore a little bit more of the Jungle. But either way, it was still great to view the mountains from our resort and from the beach. There's just something refreshing relaxing about viewing vasts amount of greenery, especially atop Hills and Mountains.
There are many large sculptures dotted along the Ocean in the City of Puerto Vallarta. We decided to Snap a few pics with these fun, beautiful and detailed works of art.
The Cathedral of our Lady of Guadalupe. It is Puerto Vallarta's most recognizable Cathedral due to the large blue crown that sits atop it's bell tower. Above is a shot of the inside of the building, we came during a mass meeting, so I didn't take as many of the photos inside as I would have liked too out of respect to the service going on. But the Cathedral is quite a landmark, and is worth a trip to town just to get a glimpse of it.
Thor was tuckered out by the end of the day in town. Traveling with a toddler is probably the most difficult age to travel with, but it really wasn't too bad in Mexico. I think with Toddlers there are places you can travel and still have a great time, but I definitely wouldn't take them any/everywhere. Having regular nap times in an air-conditioned room is a must when with a toddler. I mean, you can shift naps here and there or skip them a few times, but they should probably stick to the main meat of their nap routine (time) as much as possible, because traveling can cause overstimulation and tucker the little guys out. And I'd rather have a Happy Child rather than a Grumpy one.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chore Chart

While James is Away Working, I've been living with with my expectant Sister-in-Law and her two girls. Zoe is 6, and Molly is 2. The Zoe has been sort of going through an "entitlement" stage. So ... to help her realize that she can't just get what she wants, whenever she wants it. And to learn that certain things are Privileges, and not Rights. We decided to make a Chore chart! That way, she learn the value of earning things, rather than getting them just because she wants them.

How it works:
On the chart she can earn points for certain tasks. The everyday tasks that she is expected to do are only worth one point each, and she has to do them without complaint to get the point. And the other tasks, depending on the task, are worth 2 to 3 points each.

We went out and bought items that she and her sister can earn when they earn enough points to receive an item. So ... They can See what it is they are trying to earn, but aren't allowed to get the item until they earn the point value written on the item. Each item is worth a different amount of points depending on wether we wanted it to be more difficult to receive the item, or easier.

Zoe, the 6 year old, recently lost her privileges to go Trick-or-Treating, and she also lost her birthday party privilege. But, we are going to have those privileges returned to her if she earns them back by reaching the designated amount of points.

How It's Built:
We went to Ikea and bought two Magnet boards and put them side by side. Then we wrote on a poster board the designated chores for each girl, The day of the week, and Their names above their section, we let Zoe help color and decorate the board. We made about 30 lines, for approx. 30 days for the month. We then took the poster board and had it laminated at Staples (they sent it out so it took a couple of days). Then we bought miniature magnets at Michaels and had the girls put small stickers on the magnets so that when they complete a task they can put a "sticker" on it! But, we don't have to re-make the poster board month to month, And we don't have to buy stickers All the time either. Re-usable, and cheap! Hooray!

The Prizes:
We decided to not just do Any prize they wanted All the time. I mean, it's ok to get them something "special" to reach every now and then. But we mostly stuck to books and arts and crafts this time. One's that THEY wanted. That way they can still use their creativity, or be excited for learning. Each child is unique, so try to play towards things your child is gifted at, or is interested in.

I hope this was helpful, and I hope my explanation made sense. Write any questions or comments you have below! Have a Pretty day!
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray