Friday, March 26, 2010


Friday Night! Karaoke! James and I stayed out late and had a lot of fun on Friday Night!
We went to "Cross Iron Mills" the new mall in Calgary that is supposed to larger than the West Edmonton Mall (used to be the largest mall in the world!). And we just mosy'd around and looked, but not buying. And had fun looking at ALL the stuffed beasts in Outdoor World. There were a ton! And there were bass and Salmon in a huge fish tank just swimmin around. It was pretty sweet. We then went to Boston Pizza where Nick is best bud works. It was delicious. And next door in the BP's Lounge there was some Karaoke going on. Well...I am not one to sing in front of people ... ever! It just makes me nervous and I refuse to do it unless necessary! But for some reason I just kept thinking " should do it!" And so...I did!We went over there, and it smelt so gross everyone in there was plastered, except the waitress and the bartender. And James was about to talk me out of it when we saw a couple we knew. They lived in our apartment complex when we lived in Canyon Meadows area and we had gone over to their house a few times and made them cookies a few times and it was so weird how we ran into them there! But Jean (the dude) is a karaoke nut! He goes to Las Vegas for competitions sometimes! So, it's like his favorite hobby of all time. Anyways, I sang Taylor Swift's song, "Love Story" and I did Fantastic! Obviously! And then shortly after that we left. But maybe I was told to go into the lounge side just to see them? Maybe? And for some strange reason I've always wanted to Karaoke in public at least once in my life. And so I did, YAY for me!? So that's that story. P.S When we first walked in A drunk guy tried to dance with James! he said, "You wanna dance? You sure are a big guy." Awkward, James of course was pushing him back and declined his advances ha ha Funny!James and I went to Canadian Olympic Park today! It was an utter Blast! I received a lesson from a guy who I'm 85% sure was from Australia, of course,...most people that live on the snow hills here are from there, and New Zealand. I neglected to ask him though. I don't know why But he taught me how to do toe edge! :) I am usually ABSOLUTELY frightened! with the prospect of going toe edge, but he helped me and by the end of the lesson was super impressed with me. Usually people don't catch on to EVERYTHING he says within the first hour and a half! So that was exciting! And some of my runs were a tad slow but by the end of the day when I really got into the toe edge and the practice of it I was hauling down the hill! Despite the ice and slush! We ended up leaving earlier than I had hoped, but the slush was just too annoying ha ha but it was still super fun! I can't wait for our next Snowboarding venture!
I love you James! Thank you SO much for the fantastic day today!

Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

P.S. I am JUST learning toe edge! Plus I didn't fall down too much, James just happened to catch my beginning run/learning toe edge falls ha ha, and that is a fact!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Not much new...

I have a new link on the right side bar, and it leads to Gail Vaz-Oxlade's blog/website. She is the woman from the hit T.V. Show "Till debt do us part" and I have been reading her debt free Forever book which is fantastic. Of have to do EVERYTHING she asks in there, you can't just skip to the chapters you want to read. It's been really good so far. She basically gets you to think about what's REALLY important and prioritize your life.

And obviously you don't have to be in debt to read her book. She helps you to budget properly and to save. Whether it's for an emergency fund or Planned spending (like a car) she gives you the know how on finances. I would recommend it to anyone.

I don't have super exciting news or anything. I've been working at Warehouse One and James and I will be visiting Boise the second weekend in April to apartment shop. We have an idea of where we would like to live but hopefully will find "the place" when we get there.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Lists!

Alright...So lately I have a thing for lists? But this next list thing I think will help us out a lot!

James and I ALWAYS have prayer together at night and then give each other a kiss before we go to sleep. Well...when we were dating we used to read our scriptures AND pray together every night but we haven't made our scriptures a priority in our lives and so we have been severely neglecting them. Part of the problem is that we already finished the Book of Mormon together and well...we need something new or at least something specific to study. We aren't getting as much out of our scripture study time as we should be.

So...I made a list. We now have (an Uncompleted list momentarily) wonderfully put together, day by day list on what we will study that day! And we have decided that for 15min. We will have Individual Study and then 15min. Companion Study to follow so that we can discuss our topic and out thoughts together.

We have decided to review the Relief Society and Priesthood lessons before the lesson each week, the Sunday school lesson and then study from preach my gospel after that, the only other things would be the 5th of every month we are going to review our Patriarchal Blessings, the 10th the Family Proclamation to the world and On weeks with no lesson in Priesthood and Relief society we will either read a general conference talk or an Ensign article.

That way we have variety as well as a general study direction. It's not much study time in a day, but it's enough to get us on the right track.

Here's a Preview:
5th – Read Blessings
At least once a month take the time to read your patriarchal blessings and discuss with one another if you feel prompted to do so.

6th – Preach my Gospel
Pg: 1-2 “Your Commission to teach the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ”

March 7th – 13th

7th – P & RS Ch. 5 “The Creation”
Read Entire Chapter w/Scriptures Alone. Even if not yet finished, after 15min. begin companion study reviewing the chapter, questions you may have and any insights you received during your individual study. (If questions are not answered with scriptures, try looking up talks on the computer). (Write down new insights into study journal).

8th – Sunday School Lesson 11 “How can I do this Great Wickedness?”
Do only the student manual study. (Print from the Internet if you need to).

9th – Preach my Gospel
Pg: 3-4 “The Gospel Blesses Families” if you finish continue to “Teaching by the spirit”

10th – Family Proclamation
Read Aloud the Family Proclamation to the World & Discuss

11th – Preach my Gospel
Pg: 3-4 If not already done, Finish “Teaching by the Spirit” Continue to “Power & Authority of your calling”

12th – Preach my Gospel
Pg: 5-6 “The Gospel of Jesus Christ”
Love Always,
Mrs Fray Fray

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Month, New Things

I have recently started work at Warehouse One the Jean Store, which is nice due to the excellent clothing discount I will receive. I also Nanny for a woman in my ward whenever I can to get some extra money, and to help her to be able to finish her PHD. So I am makin the money a little bit now. It's not extravagant amounts of money,'s enough for our needs.

I have also made a chore list for James and I when we attend school. So that we just do a little bit each day to keep the house clean and tidy. And so that we won't be so overwhelmed with having to have a "BIG CLEAN" once a week or whenever. It just makes me feel good to have a Four Week cleaning plan all set out. A little at a time. "By small and simple things shall great things come to pass." Plus there's a cleaning thing called "Fly Lady" It does items way better than my list here, but the web site baisically shows you how to clean a little at a time to make your house look spectacular!

Here is a little sample of my list:
(James doesn't have chores on Tuesdays or Thursdays because he will be attending Rugby on those days).
Chore chart 4 BSU
Month one:
Week one:

A Bathroom
- Toilet
- Sink / Counter / Mirror
- Sweep
- Soap up the floor and get in those cracks! :)

J Bathroom:
- Bathtub
- Garbage

A Master Bedroom
- Put in one load of laundry
- Dust entire room

A 2nd Bedroom
- Dust
- Vacuum

J 2nd Bedroom
- Pick up
- Put in one load of laundry

Overall it will make life easier to Balance our lives with a Little Bit each day. Once we find out our Class schedules we will also make day to day plans so that we can have scripture study and school study times laid out for us so that we know we HAVE to get so much study time in a day. Plus a time we can go to the gym and get exercise in.
We just want Balance, and orginaization.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray