Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Victoria's Secret

LOVE the dresses at Victoria's secret. I am SUCH an online shopper! I like going to department stores, but ... for some reason looking online is much more appealing to me sometimes. No line up's, your feet NEVER hurt, You can easily see ALL the sale items And products at the click of a button and you don't even have to get dressed to do it. And who doesn't LOVE to get packages in the mail?! many benefits to shopping online. Plus, since I get emails from thier stores they send me promotional codes to get money off every purchase! Love it! Yes Whitney, the red dress I ordered just for your wedding! Well, ... I also bought it for myself because I want a self-esteem booster by seeing how amazing I am going to look in it. MUHAHA! I love all the Grey dresses, but ended up only getting one, sigh...can you guess which one? Perhaps when I become rich one day I can get another grey dress. I love dresses! I don't know why?
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Elder Richard G. Scott

This weekend was our Stake Conference, BUT, we received a NEW stake Presidency! Our New Stake President was James' and I's old Bishop in Calgary President David Spackman, with Orin Harker (who is my dentist AND old Bishop from when I first moved here) and President Reid as Counselor's. I don't know Brother Reid all that well, but it's still exciting!

We also Had Elder Richard G. Scott of the quorum of the twelve apostles come to preside over the meetings! On Saturday for the adult session we sat in the second row from the front on the left hand side and he shook Every one's hand's afterwards! He's such a great guy. It reminded me I guess of 3Nephi when Christ took the time to meet with ALL and EACH of the people and blessed them. Except there was only about 15hundred? or so...and I think Christ had more people's to see, but I guess if he does that with all the Stakes he meets with than he's shaken a lot of people's hands then. Or something like that? Ha, I am so silly.

We decided to view the broadcast the next day at a different building so that other people could have a chance to see him up close and shake his hand. Overall it was a really good conference. Elder Scott had us teach each other more than actually doing a hard core teaching session. He just asked US questions and people answered. It was cool.

Anyways, I will just write what I gained from the meetings. are my notes:
President Craig (what I learned from him(he was released, our old Stake Pres.)). He spoke of the children of Israel and Moses and the bread that they got and how it would go sour the next day;
You need to eat daily to live and have energy throughout each day. You need to eat weekly in order to literally survive. So is it with the scriptures and the word of Christ/God. Do not go a day without partaking of the scriptures. You need the bread of life and living water Every Single day !!! You KNOW what you Need to do, ... So DO IT!

Pres. Olsen;
If the Saints were so committed to have a temple in their midst (He spoke of the Pioneers building the Salt Lake temple and how it took 3-4 days to bring ONE block of granite to the Salt Lake City temple site). How Committed Are YOU to the Alberta temples in our midst?

Elder Hansen of the 70:
Find times for even a casual testimony to be born to your posterity. Faith comes by hearing. (His grandfather would bear testimony to him all the time casually while working on his farm).

Elder Richard G. Scott:
He asked the question: What would you do to prepare in this life to be able to meet Joseph Smith in the next? (Question was similar but not exact)
What would you thank him for?

Those are just my notes and I wrote just what I felt I needed to for me. But, I thought I would just share it with ya'lls.

Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Future Snow and job Preperation...

I am super excited for our new items to come in!
Which will shortly after be wrapped for Christmas, and I will no longer see them, but their shiny new wrappings under our yet to be put up Christmas tree.

James and I for the last few weeks have been searching online for snowboarding gear and after much deliberation have decided that a new board and bindings for us both will happen next year, but as for this year we've decided to go with snow pants for me, along with pink dragon goggles, Burton boots, and a lock for our gear (boards while we are away from them). He will receive new boots, but I cannot recall the brand (probably Burton as well). Anyways, we got them all for super cheap because I am an amazing Internet shopper who finds new items for cheap prices (and good brand names attached to the said items). All in all, I am super excited for our new gear that we will use in the present and in years to come! :) YAY!

My class for personal training is coming along very well.
I hope to finish it COMPLETELY BEFORE we go down for Whitney's wedding on the 25th of Dec. So...That would be the final exam, CPR, First Aid AND AED certifications all being completed by that time! Yikes! That's A lot of time and Money! So hopefully I can get everything done by my deadline! Fingers crossed! And many prayers!
I just hope I pass. That would stink to have to re-take it.

I must get back to studying. I was just getting tired of reading, and reading, and I'm re-reading like 8 chapters to get it in properly. sucks. Lot's of studying to do.
At least I have belly dance to look forward to tonight.

Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray