Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Belly Dancing

Tonight I start BELLY DANCE!!! I am SUPER Excited! There will only be ten classes, but that's o.k. I think it will be fun! Plus I really need to do some exercise! At work I CAN get it, but they've been sticking me on the Sidewinder (A type of mower) and I just sit there. Every now and then I can get off to push a rake into the bunker, but by that time I am too lazy to get off, so I use my machine to push it in.

But yeah. It'll be nice to meet some new people and to get my body moving! I love to take dance classes. It's relaxing for me. In a different kind of way. Mentally relaxing. It's not really physically relaxing. Ha ha.
The season at D'Arcy Ranch is nearly over and I will be in search of a new job soon. I applied to one place so far, but that's about it, so I'll have to get a move on that pronto. And I REFUSE to do outdoor work this winter. The summer was cold enough for me to learn that sitting outside all day in the cold is no fun!

Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zoom Zoom

We got a new Car!!! So...James and I decided that we need only one vehicular device while we live in Boise. So...We've just been checking out the market seeing what we'll be expecting to pay and so on... Well, at first we found a killer deal on Auto BUT, as we further investigated into and thanks to MacKay, we found it to be a major SCAM!

I mean, why would someone from Alberta be selling a car with a Virginia Licence plate? and WHY on earth would they produce the same information and the EXACT same photos as a person FROM Virginia selling their vehicle on E-Bay? Weird?! And then why would they push a sell BEFORE we received the product? Oh and this is the best part. We wanted to SEE the car (which was "Supposed" to be in Alberta at the time). But the seller then told us, "Oh it's out in Toronto." So we said, "we have a cousin out there that can check out the car for us" they then replied, "It's already packaged to be shipped" ? O.K? FiShy FiSHy FishY! They also stated, AND I QUOTE;

"I have a reputation to protect and a good Christian and I do not want to be imprisoned. You have my word and good faith on the fact that I'll keep my end of the bargain. I have never lied and cheated anyone and I will not risk my career, my freedom and my future for anything in the world!I would rather close this deal with other person than to know that you'll be very stressed hoping that I am a honest person, until you receive your car. Your peace of mind is a lot more important than this deal!!!"

HA! What a load of Crap. And THAT ladies and gentlemen is what you call an Internet Scam. We reported them to the website and shortly after their profile was no longer listed on the site. BOO YA! (If it looks too good to be true, It probably is...)

Anyways, Back to our new car! :) Yesterday we test drove a car in Calgary and...for a 13 year old car it was pretty sweet, but they were trying to rip us off at the dealership (typical). So we then looked at another car from one of James' buddies. (It was a BMW two door '98) It was reasonably priced, BUT if we ever needed to get repairs on the thing it would cost an arm and a leg because it's a BMW. Then we got a call from another one of his friends and we decided to go and have a look at and test drive his Mazda Protege 2003 (Orange, the picture is of a yellow one, so obviously this isn't OURS, but this is what it looks like).It was AWESOME! It was SUPER fast and really sweet! I Loved it! It felt right to get it and it was the BEST deal we had come across for the quality!!! SO EXCITING!!! WHAT A BLESSING! WHAT- A- BLESSING!!! We are SO thankful for this! SO THANKFUL! I only hope that we can do something so generous for our friends in their times of need. I want to be THAT kind of a person to others. Giving good deals to people who need them. A type of deal that we can both benefit from, in one way or another. (Spiritually? Temporally?)

We also bought season 5 of the office two weeks or so ago. IT WAS HILARIOUS! by the way. My favorite episode is the one where Dwight does the office fire drill with the CPR training. I could not stop laughing! So funny.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray