Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Power of Institute

The Institute here is having a video Contest to recruit young adults & Seminary Students to attend Institute. So, here's what yours truly and Big James created, Enjoy! =]
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Sunday, February 19, 2012


On Sunday the 19th BSU had it's first match of the season against MSU! James did NOT participate because it was Sunday, and we have chosen not to participate in such activities on Sunday's. But we did go to Pocatello. The only reason we went was because James is the Rugby Club President. If he wasn't, we wouldn't have gone. The thing that stinks about this semester is that many of the Games are now scheduled for Sundays! Uhgg! But I think it's because we left the Utah league. We are now in the Pinarfu conference (aka Pacific NW).
The MSU team I think is the first team I have absolutely disliked! They were the rudest people I have ever met. Rowdiest, in the WORST way. Drinking in the stands (in a bad way) AND the women were inappropriate & Completely Un-Ladylike!!! I say this with good reason. We came to the field just as the ISU women were finishing up playing the MSU women. Which is ... whatever. Women's Rugby. I'm not really into Girls playing Rugby, but ... to each their own right? Anyways, after the game ended, the MSU women were loud, and annoying but I didn't really care. Whatev's. BUT it was what happened next that Truly upset me. Three of the Women on the MSU Rugby team Streaked!!! Running across the field and back again.
When I saw it at first I was like, "Is that a bare butt!?" And then it came into view that it was not only one but three bare bum's. All Women. To the Boys (and to my husband) Around me I told them not to look. Informing them that three naked women were on the field. That information I think makes boys WANT to look! But my husband did not look. YAY! Only one boy kept looking and I would tell him to stop. Which he would look away, then look right back up again lol. Well, at least I tried. And thankfully most of the boys on the team never heard of the incident until after the game. Thank Goodness!
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Thursday, February 16, 2012

BSU Flash Mob

James is in the back of the group that teaches the dance. Isn't he adorable!?
James and I had the opportunity to be apart of the BSU Flash Mob! (I think it was on Jan. 30th. Def. A Wednesday Night. I rushed there RIGHT after work, I almost didn't make it in time! Yikes!). It was so much fun! My grandpa was there and everyone did this TWICE in the Student section and he Didn't even notice! lol Oh ... Grandpa ... But I'm so grateful there were people there video taping it.
James and I are the 2nd Row ALL the way to the right, he's the big guy and I'm to his left. There is a guy in a very dark green shirt right behind me, so hopefully that helps you find us! =] Everyone was wearing those crazy little ear warmers on their heads to match and the back of our shirts say "The Official 6th Man." This game was so crazy! We were SOOO Close to winning! We were all preparing to rush the court, but they lost in overtime. Sad =[
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cancun + 42 People

This Year we headed back to Cancun. We did ALL vote to go to The Dominican, but I guess they didn't realize until they had to plan the trip how expensive it was going to be. So, back to Mexico we went. But it was still Amazing, and super fun! I think traveling with a large group of people is exciting. You get to hang out with different people on different days, you can do your own thing for a little bit and then meet back up with everyone, and doing group activities with people you know is just plain exciting! The only thing to be careful of when in a large group though is to do what YOU want to do. What I mean is, you can't rely upon "What is everyone else doing?" Because sometimes THEY don't even know. You just decide what YOU want, then DO it! People will follow, or not, but either way at least you know that you're not holding yourself back just because you couldn't get someone to do something with you.
We went to Mexico Jan. 4th to the 11th. Here's A little look at our Resort this year (The Sunset Princess).
Loved the Rooms!
Brushing Sand off his back.
Beach Volleyball is one of the groups favorite things to do together.
Watching a little V-Ball.
Playing Chicken in the Sea.
After the girls were done playing they came here to chill-ax and watch the boys play.
Without girls they got a little Rowdy.
James landed on Blaine lol Even though he thought it was a tad painful, everyone else thought it was pretty funny.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Monday, February 13, 2012

Coba Ruins & Cenote

We spent a day at the Coba ruins about an hour or so away from our Resort. It was a great day. There were so many little ruins within an 80 square Km! It was so cool. There were a whole bunch that weren't even uncovered! (You can tell because they look like overgrown hills with Rocks everywhere).
Coba is one of the few places that you can still climb on the ruins. So that is why we chose to go there instead of Chichen Itza. Plus it was about an hour and a half closer to get too.
I LOVE these Ruins! It makes you wonder if any of the book of Mormon Stories happened AT any of these sites!?
Dan Touched The Caterpillars and then he got a little itchy. Pretty sure, it was poisonous. I guess that's why it had bright Colors.
We ARE Karate Kids.
Jungle LOVE
They had a Rope Running up the side of the Large Temple. It was to help people to climb, but ... apparently I didn't get the memo. I thought it was a Tug-O-War rope. Me Against the Ancient City.
View from the top. Now I understand how they could see Armies coming into the borders of their lands. You can see FOREVER up here! Is this where King Noah ran too and then noticed his Scape Goat? (The Armies coming into the land). Well, at least he was burned later. But who didn't see THAT coming after Abinadi's Prophecy.
The dust on the Temple made it slick for the climb down. But I was running All over the place! James kept telling me to stop it. I guess he thought if I slipped there would be no recovery from it, and it would send me all the way back down to the bottom. Well, I suppose it WAS extremely steep AND dangerous. I guess I can see where he was coming from.
It doesn't look that steep from this angle, but trust me, it was STEEP! And the Steps were small.
We are eating at a street side vendor. First Street Meat I've ever had. I'm really glad I didn't see the food preparation area. I might not have enjoyed the food quite as much.
Mandy really wanted to hit some Cenote's. So we all headed in and took a plunge after our sweaty trek though the Jungle at the Ruins. It was so nice! It's so weird being in places like this and seeing it as ok to have bats flying around in the same caves your swimming in. P.S. Ben Did a little cliff jumping into the pool we were about to jump in. I got some sweet video, it might take me a little while though before I can get to editing it. But You WILL eventually see it.
What the water is like in the Cenote.
This picture was the WORST! We all had to "disperse" "Disperse" every time the people taking the photos were switching camera's or when other people were getting in the way. You can only tred water for so long in a clumped up group like that. I literally thought I was going to drown lol. Well, not literally, but it came close.
The Rock Walk! Point of challenge. You take a Very large Rock. Then race people to see how far you can go walking under the water WITH the rock until you have to drop it and come up for air. Below you can see a photo of James booking it! Literally! He was going SO fast that I couldn't even swim to keep up! But I got a shot before he got too far away. Overall, it was the best day ever. So much Fun!
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray