Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to be Creepy . . .

DIRTY. That is the only word I have to describe my husband's mustache. Very DIRTY. It was sort of funny, but I am so thankful it is gone now. He did it for a contest among the sales Rep's and the Techs. It was a mustache contest, but slowly, one by one ... every sales Rep, and then Tech, got rid of their mustaches. James was the last one to stand. I think the Sales Rep's went first because it was affecting their sales. For some reason people find guys with mustaches creepy. Perhaps they didn't in the 70's, but that was 40 years ago. James even brushed his stache with my hairbrush when he came to visit for the weekend. He posed for me after he was done. It was just too funny not to document somehow. In the one photo, James is Waxing a section of one of the Elders Legs from Fort St. John. It was so funny. He is one hairy dude. Like, by the afternoon he already has a 5 O'clock shadow. His hair just GROWS. Poor dude. I also just got my first Lululemon Sweater! YAY! It's the best! I LOVE Lululemon! It's totally ME. And the best workout clothes EVER! The only downside is the prices they have. Sale Items are the way to go (Whenever Possible). The Beaver photos are from Beaver Lodge. They have a Giant Rodent as their town mascot. It's pretty sweet!We even saw a real live beaver couple at a river in the area. They were spiffing up their home, dragging sticks and stuff. Cool, cool! We also hit up Wazza Lake in Cranbrook, BC. We have matching, "That's what she said" T-shirts! YAY! They are going to be our shirts for the Family Reunion this year. We thought it totally fit our personalities. Plus we alwayssay that line all the time. Well... actually,our friend Beverly got them for us. She knows us too well. We will be in Oregon is less than two weeks! I am super excited to play at the coast! I LOVE Boogie boarding! It may be cold, but super fun. James has been so excited to go crabbing again. We haven't gone since the honeymoon/2008 fam. Reunion. We also LOVE Tillamook Ice cream. Plus we love seeing everyone. So we can't wait!
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Corruption in the System


OUTRAGEOUS!!!! If so many states public school systems are becoming corrupted like this, I will for sure do private or do a group homeschooling. I don't need the governments "agenda" to overrule what most parents want their children to be taught. They're even starting to change history books! I will teach MY children about MORALS, not have the school system do it for me.

I am so glad that we have, "The Family, A Proclamation to the World." My kids won't be taught to be politically correct, and that's for dang sure! Talk about God kids, and offend EVERYONE! Talk about Monogamy and piss 'em all OFF!!!