Monday, April 27, 2009

Inspirational Stories

I Just wanted to share little things, Wholesome things, that I've really enjoyed to see and listen too and I KNOW if you watch them, you'll fall in love too! :)

This Little Girl is totally inspiring, and gives you a "feel good" feeling to listen to her! :)

Team Hoyt-You CAN

Amazing Voice! You might cry or get goose-pimples.

Funny little Creatures-The fainting Goat :) Funny!

Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Thursday, April 23, 2009


The Golf Course opened this last Friday and so James and I went to the driving range on Friday and then on Saturday with my parents. They are ALL thoroughly enjoying my free buckets of balls there, and will benefit all summer from it! I'll get free golf lessons and FREE GOLF! This entire summer from Working there. So, I'm super excited for that! And James will obviously get it discounted. I also get to keep an Golf balls on the course, and I have already started to take FULL advantage of that! I have found like 12 or something already! And no...I do not pick up balls in the middle of the fairway when golfers have just hit ha ha But that might be hilarious if I did, but not?

I will be there until Oct. 31st and then I'm done! So I think it's cool that it has a certain time frame to it, because James and I plan on leaving just a few months after that to the states. It's been exhausting on my body with all of the physical labor they have me do, but it's o.k. Sometimes I like the "getting in shape" factor and sometimes not so much, but either way I think that this job is a great opportunity for me in the long run.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray*

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hiking In Banff!!! :)

James and I went with some friends, and my little sister, to Banff National Park on Friday. We went Hiking on one of the trails provided there. And it's awesome this time of year because the waterfalls are still partially frozen! It was awesome last year and this year! We had a great time. Lot's of fresh air and exercise. There was even a bird that wasn't afraid of people! He didn't care how close you got he wouldn't fly away. But perhaps he is used to getting what he wants (food wise) from people.

Little Whitney fell on some ice there and she says that her shoulder popped out and then popped back in. It hurt! I'm just glad it wasn't me. The funny part about it though was that Beverly slipped on the same patch right before her and Whitney was laughing at her and while she was still laughing she fell ha ha. So...that part was funny.

I taught my Valiant 12 Class today! The lesson wasn't even on EASTER! It was on Missionary Work, which I like, I just thought they would have me do an Easter lesson, it would make more sense. I think it went pretty well. I only had three students, but still, perhaps I am making a difference in this world by inspiring them to be the BEST person they each can be! :) I had the spirit with me so...I'm sure he did what he needed to do. I just can't see what that is quite yet.

Easter is an exciting day! Not just because of the candy though. I'm super grateful for the Saviors sacrifice and for the atonement. And I know he lives again.

I am SO glad I got to go on that hike! Work was a little exhausting this last week from shoveling snow and walking around a huge golf course that just walking for the fun of it was way better. Plus I got a three day weekend to help my muscles simmer down and I got to fatten up on Easter candy. Life is great, and I love going on mini-adventures with my wonderful husband. I wonder what our next adventure will be? Most likely...GOLF!

Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

(The weird Bird)-(All The girls)
(right before Whitney fell in the cave on some ice)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FHE; Calgary Flames; NHL!!!

On Sunday Night James received a call from one of his friends asking for a favor. He wouldn't tell James what it was until he said, 'yes'. So James was thinking..."this has got to be a REALLY big favor." So James agreed and his friend said that he Needed James to take some Calgary Flames Tickets off his Hands for tomorrow night. So here James was, thinking he was going to have to do something BIG and instead he gives him Tickets to the NHL Hockey Game! It was AWESOME! SO Last night James and I went to the game, and it was my first FLAMES game I had ever gone too! It was a BLAST! The Flames beat The L.A. Knights 4-1 and Whenever they would score a HUGE Flame would burst and then smaller flames would burn. I even caught one on video! It was So COOL! And not only did they give us great seats to begin with, once we got there another one of his friends was basically scalping tickets and traded us our seats for BETTER ONES! We were a section AND 4 rows closer to the ice! It was Great! We were SO blessed last night. And it was an evening of entertainment. I love it when Heavenly Father blesses me in unique ways! P.S. Today is our8 month anniversary!
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

(In between Periods, fans slingshot across ice for bowling. This was the winner!)
(They foul the goalie here.)