Our Story

First off, James is the BEST human being I have ever met. But How did our paths even cross? Well, I shall tell you. I guess our first official meeting was September 2007. I went to the Calgary singles ward before heading off to school again, and I sat alone. As was usual with this ward. I being "new" and they already having their inner circles, it was hard to get to know anyone unless you had an "in." So, I felt really uncomfortable being there in the first place, but I knew that I needed to go and get out of my comfort zone in order to maybe make some new friends. Needless to say, sacrament meeting seemed longer than usual and I felt so alone. 

After the closing prayer ended, everyone started heading to second hour. James had been sitting on the stand during the meeting and He came down, walked right up to me, shook my hand and introduced himself. "Hi, I'm James!" I remember that he was quite friendly and enthusiastic when he said it, but I thought that he was part of the Bishopric or something and that the Bishop had asked him to befriend me. I politely, and shyly introduced myself to him and we had a little small talk (Where you from? What're you doing? Things like that). But not much more than that.  I wouldn't see him again until January 2008 at a Calgary YSA dance. And I wouldn't learn until AFTER we were married that he had come up to me in Sacrament of 2007 not because he was told to do so, but because he saw an attractive new girl in the ward. What further reasoning do you need than that to say Hello to someone? 

I did not return to that ward (because of school) until January, but little did I know that in my absence that James had been waiting for me to appear at church the next week. And then the next week he looked for me again, but I was a "no show," he looked for a few weeks for me, but he vaguely could remember my face and height and so after a month of me not showing up another girl arrived. She, with a similar height and hair color, so he re-introduced himself to who he thought was "me," and sort of got to know this fake ME character but moved on quickly. (Side Note: James remembers specifically thinking, "Ok, not too strong, not too strong, just introduce yourself and walk away. Should I offer to sit with her in Sunday School? No, not too strong. Next week. Play it cool, maybe sneekily sit next to her in Sunday School, then say "Hey!? ... Didn't I meet you last week?").

After I had returned home from school for the semester. Whitney and Beverly were now able to attend YSA events with me regularly. And there just so happened to be a "New Years Dance" going down with all the Calgary YSA people. Beverly is a Dancing Queen so we HAD to go! My hair was now RED, and since James had already matched up a different girl to my 2007 "look" there was no way he would recognize me as that cute girl he had already met a few months earlier. 

I was feeling pretty confident among the Calgary YSA that night. I felt great because I had my own "click" and felt comfortable being myself, AND I felt Smokin Hot! You know that mentality you have sometimes when you think to yourself, "Who wouldn't want to get with this!? I look soo good." Yeah, that's how I felt that night. Like everyone thought I was beautiful, and it made me feel really great about myself. Anyways, James was there but I didn't specifically notice him until after the closing prayer and everyone was scattered about socializing. He in particular was moving from to group to group to talk to various different people. As I saw him walking away from a group quite close to me I thought to myself, "Yeah, ... I could get with that." (With a tilted head bob, and 'How YOU doin' - Joey from friends look in my eye).  


I received my Associate of Science from Brigham Young University-Idaho July 18th 2008. Three Weeks before the Big DAY! James and I were then sealed August 7th 2008 in the Boise Idaho LDS Temple for time and All Eternity! James is currently attending University. We are having a total blast being married and go on many adventures together. Enjoy reading, "The Fraser Files"!