Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bishop's Falls

While waiting for jobs out in Bishop's Falls James and I went over to the Dam and Salmon Ladder to take in some scenery. The first time we went it was Wet and cold out, so I sat in the car watching the water pour and James went over to some fly fisherman nearby to learn how to fly fish. The second time it was Sunny and warm, hence why we have some stellar photos. Newfoundland is GORGEOUS!!! Except ... That it's always raining, windy or extreamly Foggy. But, this summer they said has been the worst they've had in a long time. Because for every week of rain there has been one (if that) Day of warm and Sun. But, it's been worth it. We're inside most the time working anyways, but it sure is nice to have some good days to enjoy.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Floor Hockey in Newfoundland

During our spare time in Newfoundland many of us would regularly attend the gym. Since I was the only girl, almost all of the time, I would do my cardio thing and the guy's would go in the back room and do whatever it is they do in the weight room. All I know, is that whenever they finish whatever it is they do in there, they always want to push one another around, grunt and flex. It's quite silly I think sometimes.

After being there for some time, they began to come together and play floor hockey as a group after their workout was over. It looked like fun, but I would rather not be in the middle of their push fest, so I sat on the sidelines hoping not to get run over. The first time they got together and did this there were three or four young boys that joined in. I think the funniest part was when a 10 year old kid (Who was quite small, he may have been younger than 10) attempted to check Colin (a big guy) in the corner. He was pushing up on him, being all "tough." And to be honest, it was hard not to laugh at that sight. James (my husband) started to laugh as well when he saw it.

The next time they came together to play I caught it on camera. I had to secretly tape them because boys get all weird when they see you "videotaping" but they seem to love the end result. So, ... I did what I had to do so that everyone was happy. I got the video footage I wanted, and they got their edited film strip. The only way to get it though was to be very sneaky. Which I did with pleasure.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Monday, July 25, 2011

Garden of Eden; NL

Newfoundland HAS to be a little chunk of the Garden of Eden because there are Wildflowers EVERYWHERE! Instead of weeds and Bushes (that you see when you drive in Idaho) It's Trees and Flowers. ANY little patch of tall grass has flowers, Literally! It is so crazy! I love it!
You drive anywhere and it's rocks and flowers instead of dirt and weeds. It is awesome! And it's funny, because when people don't mow their lawns here, it still looks scenic because it's overgrown with flowers and grass (no dandelions!). And people get all embarrassed because they haven't mowed, but they really have no reason to get embarrassed.
I just thought I would share my little joy and piece of Eden with you, and if you ever head out to Newfoundland, I hope you stop to enjoy the flowers.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Customer Generosity

The people here in Newfoundland are the nicest people I have ever met. Not to say That I haven't met nice people before, but consistently, every home we have entered and every person we have met on the street, they are just, ... Nice! It might be because Newfoundland is built with many many small towns, and in each town everybody knows everybody and they know all the other every body's two towns over as well. But hands down Newfoundland has the best people in the World! If it weren't for the weather, I might actually consider living here!
It's funny because all the pubs we enter are just so cheery. You meet random people and you're instant friends. They talk to you like you've grown up together and you've just bumped into them again by chance. It's Awesome! Everyone is so comfortable with everyone else.
Each town here has their own accent. Like each state has their own. Many Newfoundlanders will slow down their speech just so we can understand them. I said to one girl that said she had slowed it down for me, since I'm from the Mainland, "Oh, so you're talking to me like I'm retarded then?" She laughed at that.
James kissing our Future baby
Many of our customers have fed us. One older couple was making soup and invited us to eat. I ate two bowls and I piece of Cheesecake! Another Couple, when I said I used to eat roadkill Moose in Alaska ran downstairs and brought up 2 Moose Steaks, Ground Moose, Capelin, and Salmon for us to take home! It was over $50 worth of meat for free! (He was a hunter/fisherman) It was Sooo NICE of them! We still haven't figured out how to cook the capelin though. And another gave us knitted socks & Hats! It was so sweet of them! These people are really awesome! They treat everyone like family.
I think the best part, is that I don't recall entering a home and NOT seeing a picture of the savior. They all have a spot for the savior in their hearts. These people may not be LDS, but they sure are the most Christ-like people ever, and live in a very Christian manner. They have so much Charity. Which, in my mind, is the pure love of Christ. Also, while on the Topic of how awesome everything is, I just want to say that I LOVE Newfy Music! It's Irish & Canadian all at the same time. It's great all around. Newfoundland; I LOVE YOU!

Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

P.S. The key to Talkin Newfy is to just drop the 'H'
Ands Down me Love, Ands Down. Oney is the Best to put witch yor peanut Butter.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The North Atlantic

Here's another clip of what we've been up too.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Here is a little glimpse of the beauty of the town we are currently residing in. I LOVE the little things in Nature that God has created to make this world a little bit more special and breathtaking.
If you look closely, you can see the pollen on this little bug.
I absolutely LOVE the Wildflowers everywhere!
These little snails are literally everywhere here. They stick on our windows, on the fences, the side of the house you name a place and a snail is either there or has been there. I sometimes feel bad when I step on one, but it's hard to miss sometimes.
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This week, in Grand Falls-Windsor, they were having their Salmon Festival. Which basically means, one week of non-stop parties. They had the Carnival and KISS come to town! There were other performers with KISS such as Smashmouth, Fefe Dobson, The Orchestra & Down with Webster. Members of iconic rock group Kiss, Gene Simmons, Tommy &&&&&&&<span class=lt;span class=" id="SPELLING_ERROR_3">More than 20,000 people attended the concert! And Grand Falls has only 13,000 residents! Plus there have only been a few people I have talked too that live IN town that actually went. So this small town had probably over 25,000 people crowded into it over the weekend. Which made calling people extremely difficult. When you sent a text it took 30-45min. to reach it's recipient! It was crazy. James and I saw all the people at the concert from the hill overlooking the Field it was at, but we didn't pay to go in. Way too much money to go. But it was fun to know they came to town. Some of the Sales Rep's went and they said that KISS was really entertaining.
There was also a Town Dance to finish off the end of the week festivities. And, I told James Barclay I wouldn't put up any of these photos on Facebook, but . . . I never said I wouldn't put it on my blog lol! Plus, I don't think he'll ever look at it anyways, so . . . I think it's ok? Plus even if he does; James, it's O.K. because no-one YOU know (besides me) will ever see these =] lol. I think he's a little embarrassed that while in an intoxicated state he may or may not have danced with Some Older women. Women who may or may not have been cougars. MY James called them Saber-Toothed Tigers (Because of they were so old/age gap).
James and I could not stop laughing at Barclay. At first he was just doing it to be "nice", but then he really got into it. There he is with 3 of the 5, Older Women. Best Photo of the night! I probably love it so much because it reminds me a little bit of Shallow Hal, ya know, the scene where he 'thinks' he's dancing with a group of beautiful women, and then it shows his friends perspective and he refers to them as a hippo, hyena and giraffe.
Whoa! Is that Andrew!? He hit it up with the ladies too, lol
Barclay went to get out of the car at the end of the night and fell Straight into the bushes. Andrew kept saying, "The number one sales rep in the company is down! He's Down!" I'm just glad we could at least drive them home safe (Because James and I don't drink). Getting from the Car to the House Door is something they have to do on their own lol.
This band, that played at the dance, were actually pretty good! The lead singer was very impressive. I guess I was surprised because they were all pretty old. But, at least the Band was, "Young at Heart" (Actual name of Band).
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dream Homes

Everyone has a home they dream about owning one day. I never really knew what exactly I wanted until now. A cottage in Switzerland, I thought, would be divine. So, I started to google cottage's and this wonderful little home came up. It's made of stone and Log and I absolutely adore it! This is the home I desire to own one day. It seems quiet, serene, simple and perfect in every way.thatched-roof-cottageThis Home isn't too bad either. It would be second to the first home, but it still has a lot of character and I Love that. I think Cottages are so wonderful. It's just finding the right ones, otherwise ... they aren't so great. It's difficult to find one in the countryside, that's large enough, and kept up on too. What I mean is, it's hard to find the perfect one for me (for my specifications). But, I guess I've never been over seas before, so I suppose I don't know how difficult it really would be to find the right one.

These stone cottages (Below) were built in 1843.

Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Signal Hill Hike

It rains here a lot, but when it's sunny, it sure makes it worth it. We went out to signal hill for a mini-hike and met up with some of our Liberty peeps there. It was so beautiful, and hot out.
The Slopes on these hills were really steep, and made up of many large rocks. Newfoundland is one big rock I think. It's pretty neat. This is the bay where all the ships make dock, on the other side of the hill we are on is the Ocean.

So far in our Newfoundland Adventure I have noticed a few things that Newfoundlander’s use in their speech.

  1. Whenever replying “yes” to you they say, “Yes” BUT, they do it while breathing in. It’s like when you say yes weird, and then people sort of laugh at you because you accidentally said it while breathing in, yeah. That’s how they say it ALL the time. Sometimes they say it normal. But you can bet, while speaking with a Newfoundlander, you will get told “Yes” the Newfoundland way at least every other time.
  1. If you are a Man; Don’t get thrown off when other Men call you “Love” or “Dear.” They also call you Bud, but that probably won’t throw you off like “love” will. I’m not a man, but for me, Almost every person I have met from here has called me Love. It’s a little weird sometimes. Mostly it’s just weird when it comes from Teenage boys.
  1. Also, they say "By" after their sentences. Yes, by. No by. Where ya too by? Where's everyone too by?
Cute Homes on the water
Where ya too by?
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Newfy Vibes

Traveling around Newfoundland has been AMAZING! I LOVE the Wildflowers everywhere! I love the people here! And I Love seeing God's creations!
The best part of the culture here is how Irish everything is. The Pub music is different, but in a fantastic way. It's kinda the best of Ireland Meets Canada. It makes you want to jump up and dance, maybe even kick your heels together, lift your glass and cheer. Like the little Hobbits do on Lord of the Rings, (but insert the alcohol with soda).
HUGE ship in the bay.
Headin out to a job.
My Favorite! Wildflowers Everywhere!
Everyone goes out to party, but It feels different from the way Americana's would do it. It's just more relaxed, and genuine. Most people just are looking for a good time, but I don't know how to explain it other than that. Think of the Irish Pub's on P.S. I Love you and that's how it sort of how it is ... Really fun! Anyways, I Love it! And the Sales Rep's out here are so chill, they make it even more exciting when we go out. They're just fun, ... and funny.
Our First Touch of the North Atlantic
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray