Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sleep Over

"When Farrah Faucet died, God asked her what she wanted, and she said "for all the children in the world to be safe" so he killed Micheal Jackson." - Family Friend (Steve Spackman).

So...On Father's day Weekend, after James got his New bike! :)we also had our Niece Zoe over for a slumber party and then took her to church the next day. She met a friend her age there (Bella) and Bella kept trying to come into our row in Sacrament meeting and when her mother tried to stop her she'd be like "I'm going to see my new friend!" It was super cute watching them together. She even drew Zoe a picture and explained it to her ha ha

Bella was so excited to have another little girl her age in Nursery. All the rest are boys and Bella bullies them ha ha but she likes Zoe, so she didn't bully her.

Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray*

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well, in 11 DAYS! James and I are going to the Calgary Stampede and for the price of admission only we get to see SIMPLE PLAN!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!! I am SOOOO SUPER DUPER Excited! I've NEVER been to a Concert concert before and I've always wanted to and seeing simple plan will be like AMAZING!!!! SO EXCITED!!! (can you tell?) TEHE!!! YAY!!! I'm STOKED for it. I even booked work off the next day so that I could sleep in ha ha because the concert isn't till like 9pm or something and that's WAY past MY bedtime. Seeing as how I start actually WORKING at 5:30am every morning (meaning I have to BE there earlier than that). Yeah....Sigh....I CAN'T WAIT! I need to practice their songs ha ha!

But, BESIDES that. On Father's Day James got his first year anniversary present early. IT's a totally awesome BIKE! I'll have to post a photo later but it has the nice breaking system....whatever it's called. And it's green ... O.K. ... So, I'm not THAT great at Bike things but it's REALLY REALLY nice! It was the best price on that bike that we could find too! (Even cheaper than the states!) It was a great deal. So we're both pretty excited about it.

You should have seen the grin on his face when he got it. It was priceless...

Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

(And yes Heather, that means Disc Breaks).