Saturday, December 14, 2013

Puerto Vallarta: The City

Welcome to PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO! The first week of November 2013, our Family spent a wonderful 7 days on the Pacific Side of Mexico, in Puerto Vallarta. It was fun to have some Family time in some warm weather. I would recommend visiting Puerto Vallarta at least once, if you're a frequent traveler, but to go back again and again? Probably not. This post has pictures from our day spent in the City of Puerto Vallarta. I felt safe taking Thor around, and wasn't too worried about theft. If you're looking to do some shopping in town to get "killer deals" you probably won't find too many inside the City. And the "flea Market" in town, ... I'm pretty sure all the shops are in it together to rip off the tourists. In the less heavily trafficked areas however, you'll actually get to barter! And you'll feel good when you're done because you'll actually get good deals. There are SOME places here and there IN the City where you can actually get good deals, but again, it has to be a less heavily trafficked area.

One great feature of the Greater Puerto Vallarta area is the Rolling Hills/Mountains of Jungle! It really is beautiful. If we didn't have Thor with us, I would have liked to venture out a bit more to explore the more remote areas and get a bit more taste of Culture. And possibly explore a little bit more of the Jungle. But either way, it was still great to view the mountains from our resort and from the beach. There's just something refreshing relaxing about viewing vasts amount of greenery, especially atop Hills and Mountains.
There are many large sculptures dotted along the Ocean in the City of Puerto Vallarta. We decided to Snap a few pics with these fun, beautiful and detailed works of art.
The Cathedral of our Lady of Guadalupe. It is Puerto Vallarta's most recognizable Cathedral due to the large blue crown that sits atop it's bell tower. Above is a shot of the inside of the building, we came during a mass meeting, so I didn't take as many of the photos inside as I would have liked too out of respect to the service going on. But the Cathedral is quite a landmark, and is worth a trip to town just to get a glimpse of it.
Thor was tuckered out by the end of the day in town. Traveling with a toddler is probably the most difficult age to travel with, but it really wasn't too bad in Mexico. I think with Toddlers there are places you can travel and still have a great time, but I definitely wouldn't take them any/everywhere. Having regular nap times in an air-conditioned room is a must when with a toddler. I mean, you can shift naps here and there or skip them a few times, but they should probably stick to the main meat of their nap routine (time) as much as possible, because traveling can cause overstimulation and tucker the little guys out. And I'd rather have a Happy Child rather than a Grumpy one.
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