Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5 Year Anniversary Wedding Shoot

This post is a tad bit late, because my 5 year anniversary was back in August 2013. But to be fair, we didn't have the shoot till mid-September, we have been moving and traveling for the past bit and I didn't get the photos until November so... it's right on time I think.

For our 5th Wedding Anniversary, James and I got dressed up in our wedding clothes, and had another wedding photo shoot! I just loved going through facebook and pintrest and seeing all the girls getting married and what they wore, how they did their hair, what the decor was like etc. So I decided, I wanted another wedding shoot. Since I think this might become a Family tradition every 5 years, I decided Not to do a "trash the dress" session. At least until I'm ready to buy a new gown 5 years later. So perhaps my 15th wedding anniversary I'll do it. We'll see.

Here are some of the Amazing photos our photographer took of us. We decided to go to Banff National Park for this shoot, at Lake Minawanka. We had lauenhannaphoto photograph (Edmonton Photographer). For my hair I had Christa Woodbeck (my sister-in-law) do it (Calgary Hairstylist). And I don't think you can tell from the photo's (well, maybe the family one lol) but it was FREEZING that day! Literally! The wind was blowing and there were bursts of snow and rain. But when the camera started clicking I mentally just told myself it wasn't cold and that my face couldn't show how my body was really feeling.
Here is our little Family, 5 years after the Wedding, holding one of our Wedding photos from 2008. Thor came out of the car for a few shots and this was probably one of the few shots she got where he wasn't crying  because of the cold, but once back in the car he was a happy little camper.
 She gave us a ton of photos on our disc so I'm only posting my personal Favourites. Enjoy!
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

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