Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chore Chart

While James is Away Working, I've been living with with my expectant Sister-in-Law and her two girls. Zoe is 6, and Molly is 2. The Zoe has been sort of going through an "entitlement" stage. So ... to help her realize that she can't just get what she wants, whenever she wants it. And to learn that certain things are Privileges, and not Rights. We decided to make a Chore chart! That way, she learn the value of earning things, rather than getting them just because she wants them.

How it works:
On the chart she can earn points for certain tasks. The everyday tasks that she is expected to do are only worth one point each, and she has to do them without complaint to get the point. And the other tasks, depending on the task, are worth 2 to 3 points each.

We went out and bought items that she and her sister can earn when they earn enough points to receive an item. So ... They can See what it is they are trying to earn, but aren't allowed to get the item until they earn the point value written on the item. Each item is worth a different amount of points depending on wether we wanted it to be more difficult to receive the item, or easier.

Zoe, the 6 year old, recently lost her privileges to go Trick-or-Treating, and she also lost her birthday party privilege. But, we are going to have those privileges returned to her if she earns them back by reaching the designated amount of points.

How It's Built:
We went to Ikea and bought two Magnet boards and put them side by side. Then we wrote on a poster board the designated chores for each girl, The day of the week, and Their names above their section, we let Zoe help color and decorate the board. We made about 30 lines, for approx. 30 days for the month. We then took the poster board and had it laminated at Staples (they sent it out so it took a couple of days). Then we bought miniature magnets at Michaels and had the girls put small stickers on the magnets so that when they complete a task they can put a "sticker" on it! But, we don't have to re-make the poster board month to month, And we don't have to buy stickers All the time either. Re-usable, and cheap! Hooray!

The Prizes:
We decided to not just do Any prize they wanted All the time. I mean, it's ok to get them something "special" to reach every now and then. But we mostly stuck to books and arts and crafts this time. One's that THEY wanted. That way they can still use their creativity, or be excited for learning. Each child is unique, so try to play towards things your child is gifted at, or is interested in.

I hope this was helpful, and I hope my explanation made sense. Write any questions or comments you have below! Have a Pretty day!
Love Always,
Mrs. Fray Fray

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